The effects of bumpy but delicious Hallabong

It was introduced around 1990 under the name of Decopon, but when it was grown in Jeju Island, it was named Hallabong because the top resembles the peak of Hallasan Mountain.

Unlike its ugly shape, it is not only a crystal of vitamins with its sweet and sour taste, but it also helps antioxidate as a representative yellow food. Vitamin C and sugar levels are much higher than citrus, which stimulates metabolism and is also excellent in preventing colds and recovering from fatigue.

Today, let's learn how to choose delicious Hallabong and how to store it.

<Hallabong Effect>

1. Blood circulation

Hesperidine in the shell of Hallabong prevents fat from accumulating in blood vessels by lowering blood cholesterol (LDL), which prevents cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis and stroke.

It also strengthens capillaries, which is effective in vascular diseases such as hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis.

2. Eye Health

Hallabong has a high content of vitamin A as well as vitamin C, which is a nutrient for eye health that relieves eye fatigue and replenishes nutrition, reducing the incidence of eye diseases such as dry eye, night blindness and cataracts.

3. Fatigue recovery & stress relief

If you take an appropriate amount of Hallabong, which contains a lot of vitamin C, it helps you recover from fatigue because it helps your body's metabolism and blood circulation is healthy.

The content of citric acid that produces sour taste is also high, which suppresses the production of lactic acid during energy metabolism to relieve fatigue and increase the absorption rate of calcium in the body. Therefore, Hallabong is a good fruit that helps many stressed modern people.

4. Prevention of cold

In winter or in-between seasons when immunity is compromised, the viral disease, the cold, often occurs.

This requires ingredients that strengthen the immune system, and Hallabong is full of vitamin C, which can help prevent viral diseases such as colds. How to Choose Delicious Hallabong

The thinner the skin and heavier the hallabong, the higher the sugar content and the tastier it is. Hallabong, which has just been harvested, has less juice, so the kernel is poor, so you can taste more delicious pulp if you ripen it for a few days in a shaded and cool place.

<Storage Method>

If you leave it in a cool, well-ventilated place with no sunlight, it can be stored and eaten for about a week.

The calories of Hallabong, which have such various effects, are one of the fruits with more than 100 kcal of sugar per piece, and it is better to share them rather than eat a large amount at a time. Since it is a fruit with high sugar content, it is recommended to consume an appropriate amount because excessive consumption can convert to body fat and accumulate as waste.