Precautions when going out for seniors over 65;Wear a mask when going out in winter

Health tips for seniors aged 65 and over in winter

It is the weather with a cold wave every day for the first time in 11 years. In
winter, when immunity is easy to drop, especially seniors over 65 years of age, let's
follow the daily rules for health

Precautions when going out for seniors over 65 

Refrain from going out in the cold winter as much as possible,
keep a distance of 2m (at least 1m) from indoors and other people, and always wear a mask

Especially during winter Avoid visiting crowded places not to facilitate ventilation
if unavoidable Avoid the right place to visit when looking for food intake and refrain from work 
Keep your hands clean with soap or hand sanitizer for at least 30 seconds when going out and in everyday life.

Do not speak loudly to avoid splashing.
Refrain from singing conversational songs.

Use separate tableware for stews and soups

If fever and respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat) occur, contact the call center (1339 or area code +120) or a public health
center and visit the nearest screening clinic. 
Be sure to wear a mask when visiting medical institutions.

Let's make it a habit to wear a mask for yourself and others in winter