Norovirus is prevalent even in winter;An epidemic virus caused by infection Let's be careful even in winter

Although it is thought that food poisoning occurs only in hot or hot summer, norovirus is a food poisoning bacteria that is especially prevalent in winter.

Anyone can be infected regardless of age, especially in winter. If the temperature drops, norovirus has an extended survival period, which is also the main cause of food poisoning in winter, so be careful even in winter.

"What is norovirus? "

It is highly contagious enough to easily infect even with a small amount of viruses, and survives at minus 20 degrees Celsius in winter, and maintains infectivity even if heated at 60 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. It is also resistant to the loss of its activity in the chlorine concentration of regular tap water.

According to norovirus symptoms, when a person is infected with norovirus, he or she suddenly exhibits vomiting, misjudgment, and diarrhea over time after an average incubation period of 12 to 48 hours. It can last 24 to 60 hours, and most of the time it does not last more than 48 hours, rather than a special treatment, and it recovers itself.

In children, vomiting is common and diarrhea is only common in adults, and it is accompanied by overall physical symptoms such as headaches, issues, chills, and muscle aches.

Norovirus is often infected by eating raw shellfish, vegetables, and fruits even in winter. It is highly contagious in the camp and military communities. Most of them are cured naturally in winter without treatment, but severe dehydration can occur, so thorough hygiene is important.

Washing your hands clean with soap under running water is the best way to reduce norovirus.

Also, you should clean the fish and shellfish in winter and heat them sufficiently above 85°C to cook the shellfish. In places where you live as a group, cooking utensils, especially hot water or chlorine disinfection, should be used.

People who have caught it once can get it again, so even with a small amount of viruses, it is highly contagious, so let's make personal hygiene and washing hands a daily life even in winter.