monkfish ; Although they look ugly, they are full of flavor and nutrients.

 Now it has become a more popular fish at this time of year because of its good taste and nutrition, but the fishermen in the past just threw it away because it looked ugly when they caught monkfish.

Around this time when the weather gets cold, the sea water gets cold, gives elasticity to the skin of monkfish, and adds flavor, which is the most delicious time.


- It looks ugly, but it's rich in taste and nutrition.

According to the origin of the name Agui, which was given because of its ugly appearance, there are two theories that one of them became a monk due to the change of the term evil.

"Ak" means chin, "Wi" means camouflage, and even if you look at it in person, the name given to the shape of the jaw and stomach has changed gradually and became "Agui." Agui is so unique in appearance that each province has different names, such as in each province. "Dumpung," which is sometimes called in the west coast area, was named "Dumpung" because fishermen used to say "Dumpung" and "Dumpung" when they tried to throw them back into the sea because they looked so ugly.


- The name monkfish originated from Buddhism

One of the eight. A ghost who broke the rules or became greedy and fell on the Aguido Island. He was skinny and had a huge belly, and his throat looked like a needle hole.

The name is probably called because it resembles the appearance of a monkfish in the origin of suffering from hunger because it cannot eat food.

- Ugly? Tasty and nutritious monkfish

  In the west coast of Chungcheong-do, it seems to be called a water storm. It is said that after eating monkfish, which was not loved due to its appearance, dried on the beach or steamed raw and spicy, it became more and more loved by people.  Because of low calories and fat, I think I've become even more loved as a national fish in winter.

When cooked with radish in winter, protein-dissolving enzymes contained in radish help digest the monkfish and replenish vitamin C. Diet low-fat fish is good for diet and is rich in protein, which is good for supplementing essential amino acids.  Agui, which has a cool and savory taste of soup, is highly nutritious and contains high vitamin A content.

As the cold winter weather gets colder, it's a seasonal fish that gets more elastic, so it catches your appetite and is good for your health, so I think it's a winter fish that kills two birds with one stone.  To choose fresh monkfish, it is fresh monkfish that has hard skin, black body color, and does not smell.