Junk Food Foods that accelerate aging

Modern people often eat simple foods because they do not have enough time to eat in their busy daily life.

These are the instant foods we are familiar with.
What is Junk Food? It refers to foods that are high in calories but low in nutrients. Foods classified as junk food include carbonated drinks, high-fat sweets, fast food, and french fries.
Because the cooking method is simple or can be eaten immediately, it has become a favorite food for busy modern people. It has a lot of artificial additives, so it has captivated even the taste of children.

Because we depend too much on taste, fast food and instant food contain a lot of fat and artificial additives, which unfortunately are very high in calories, but they do not contain vitamins and minerals necessary for our body. Consuming too much can harm our health.
According to the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), it was found to contain about 2/3 of the sodium intake limit of 3450mg for adults.
This amount is close to the US limit of 2400 mg and approximately 1.3 times higher than the UK limit of 600 mg.

Because junk food is a food that harms our health, Sweden has banned junk food TV advertisements. In addition, it is said that there are restrictions on advertising on junk food in the European Union, the United States, and Canada. We eat it often because we can easily eat it anywhere, but it is better to avoid eating it as much as possible because it can give bad health signals around the world. . Eating healthy fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and fish is the best way to stay healthy.

Recently, a study found that such instant fast food eating habits accelerate aging.
In the group eating three or more times a day processed foods that affect cellular aging , telomere length is shorter odds of "up to twice that is processed sikpeum and he is eating and eating junk food often apdangginda aging.
Conversely, the foods most usual In the group that ate less, the probability of shortening of ' telomeres ' was low, so the aging process was relatively slow.

As the research results show, eating a lot of junk food can cause not only obesity, but also various health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and cancer. It is also said to accelerate aging.
It is better to avoid junk food as much as possible because red signals can be turned on not only for aging but also for our health.