Immunity is important to maintain health.

how to boost immunity

The aftermath of the corona virus, which started at the beginning of last year, has not yet ended and is still ongoing.

In particular, there are many cases of death in the elderly or those with low immunity, so interest in immunity seems to be increasing in order to protect health. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more people are looking for health supplements as interest in basic immune health has risen since the health and safety crisis. Learn how to boost your immunity

What is immunity?

Basically, our human body has immunity to protect the body from all viruses. In simple terms, immunity refers to the power that protects the body from the risk of various diseases. It is the most important for our health, and the way to increase immunity according to experts is simpler than we think, but we can easily keep it in our daily lives.

Getting enough sleep is important. Also, proper exercise and intake of immune-boosting foods.

Nowadays, in addition to personal hygiene and wearing a mask when going out, it is important to follow a daily routine that increases immunity. If you have a habit of exercising regularly, you can better protect your body from external viruses as well as your health.

1 . adequate sleep

It is also important to keep the proper amount of sleep, considering that sleeping for more than 8 hours can reduce the quality of sleep, increase fatigue, and cause hyperlipidemia, insulin resistance or hormonal imbalance. How deep you sleep is more important than how long you sleep.

2. Have a relaxed mind to relieve stress

If you worry too much about health concerns, such as the corona virus, the stress causes your psychological self-confidence and atrophy, and your body becomes stiff, shallow breathing, poor circulation, and lowered immunity in the blood. It is better to adapt naturally rather than worrying about the corona environment unconditionally.

3 . Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day

Tear, saliva, and runny nose from our body are responsible for killing viruses that enter our body.

Water helps the absorption of good nutrients and removes bad wastes from the body.

3. Steady exercise

Walking and light aerobic exercise activate metabolism and help maintain life by adapting to changes in the external environment. Through moderate exercise with light sweat, it strengthens joints, improves cardiopulmonary function, activates nerves, and improves basic physical strength. For those who are starting to exercise for the first time, it is better to start with walking, such as jogging, for about 30 minutes rather than strenuous exercise.

Lastly, it is good to eat a diet that contains nutrients in each meal.

It is good to eat protein such as eggs, beef, and chicken, and you should eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and dietary fiber to get protein and vitamins evenly.

Foods that increase immunity include garlic, tangerines, beans, green tea, tomatoes, broccoli, turmeric, fish, and mushrooms. Learn how to boost your immunity. The basis of health is immunity, and immunity is the strength of the body itself to overcome all diseases.