I'm 50 now and I'm middle-aged;Fifty shoulders that occur at any age

  The canal we use whenever we move our body is an important part of our body. Since it is a joint that is used every day, when a disease occurs in the joint, there are large and small restrictions on physical activity. 


Frozen shoulder is the most common disease causing shoulder joint pain and movement limitation, occurring in 2% of the total population.

The joint membrane surrounding the shoulder causes degenerative rice disease due to aging or adrenal glands, which causes pain and inflammation. It is characterized by inducing severe pain without a specific source, so now it develops regardless of age and is called a frozen shoulder or frozen shoulder.


There are secondary frozen dogs with clear causes, such as trauma and postoperative complications, but most are idiopathic frozen dogs with unknown causes. It is mainly related to aging and lack of exercise.

The exact cause is currently unknown and research is being conducted, but it is often associated with diseases with a high metabolic rate in the body, such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism, or heart and lung diseases.


Frozen shoulder main symptoms


As a symptom, it is difficult to move the shoulder and the pain is severe, so active and passive joint movement is restricted. It is difficult to turn inside the shoulder at first.

It is difficult to lift the arm forward or turn it outward, and sometimes it is painful at night. The back of the neck is stiff, and I do not feel refreshed even when I wake up from sleep, and radiating pain appears in the neck and fingers. In everyday life, it is difficult to comb hair, and it is difficult to button clothes.


The basic principle of treatment for frozen shoulder is conservative therapy and recovery of joint range of motion through passive joint movement.