Healthy lifestyle that raises body temperature by 1℃

How to maintain body temperature and food groups that raise body temperature.

Body temperature is one of the most important health indicators of smooth metabolism and circulation and is a fundamental element of health that affects life. It is said that just by increasing body temperature by 1°C, immunity is about five times higher and basal metabolic rate is about 10 percent higher.

The standard temperature for healthy adults is generally 36.5~3~36.9이고, slightly higher for young children and about 0.5 더 lower for older adults. It varies slightly depending on the time and situation, but the lowest temperature is around 6 a.m. and the highest is around 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

An abnormally high body temperature should be suspected as an abnormal sign of health. Usually, if the body temperature rises above 37.2이상 in the morning and 37.7 이상으로 in the afternoon, there is a slight fever, which can be suspected of infectious diseases and connective tissue diseases. In cases of viral diseases, it is common to improve naturally over time, but it is safe to receive professional medical treatment if the cause of high fever persists for two to three weeks.

People are sensitive to body temperature rising above the normal temperature range, but most of the time, low body temperatures are considered insignificant. However, the imbalance in body temperature can cause disease and aggravate, especially low body temperatures, which increase the risk of our body's exposure to various viruses. If the body temperature drops, the risk of diabetes or hyperlipidemia increases as combustion and emission of energy sources in the blood are not sufficient.

In particular, in winter, when temperatures drop sharply, special attention is needed to manage body temperature. Special care should be taken to keep warm so that blood circulation is smooth. In particular, it is safe to pay more attention to blood vessel disease due to its poor ability to control body temperature.

In these cold weather, you should refrain from eating cold food or drinks. Cold food is recommended to eat warm food or drinks as much as possible because it can activate cells that have adverse health effects in the body by instantaneously lowering body temperature.

It is also important to wear winter items such as coats, scarves, and gloves when going out, and to increase metabolism and cell activity through steady exercise. It is also helpful to take plenty of high-quality protein and vitamins, and to replenish moisture from time to time. At this time, it is recommended to warm the water to room temperature or lukewarm degrees and drink it.

Exercise is a simple but most effective way to boost body temperature and boost immunity by facilitating blood circulation and other metabolism. In particular, proper muscular exercise is very effective in increasing body temperature by increasing basal metabolic rate. Also, various aerobic exercises such as fast walking, running, climbing, and biking naturally raise your body temperature. It is important to relax your muscles with sufficient warm-up and stretching before exercising.

If you want to raise your body temperature in a short time, lower body bathing is the answer. The temperature of water suitable for lower body bathing is 39~40로, which is slightly higher than body temperature, so that the water is submerged above the navel and below the chest, and the body temperature increases by 1 높아 if you soak your body for 15~20 minutes with both arms out of the water. It's better to do it more than three times a week.

Foot bathing can be a great alternative if lower-body bathing is difficult. The water temperature of the foot bath is 42 42, slightly higher than the water temperature of the lower body bath, and the ankle bone is submerged for about 30 minutes.

It is also important to eat foods frequently that help raise your body temperature.

Cold water acidifies the body by promoting oxidation in the body, and causes adverse health effects by accelerating aging. Drinking water at room temperature on a normal basis is very helpful for your health.

Magnesium-rich sesame seeds contain 360 milligrams per 150 grams, which is a good food to relax blood vessels and muscles and increase body temperature.

Warm-tempered chives are said to warm up the body by giving out leek juice to Donguibogam.

Ginger, an anti-inflammatory ingredient called "Gingerone" and "Schogaol," helps to promote blood circulation and normalize blood pressure and body temperature.

Sweet pumpkin contains a large amount of 'beta-carotene' and 'carotenoid' ingredients rich in antioxidants, which boost blood circulation and raise body temperature.

Honey is also considered one of the best foods to raise body temperature. Honey's sugar is a monosaccharide, which is quickly absorbed by the body, so it is a very effective food for not only raising body temperature but also recovering from fatigue due to fast conversion into energy.