Health herbs to warm the body in winter;Efficacy of cinnamon, sage, and dungulle

Healthy herbs that warm your body in winter. In cold winter weather, when your shoulders shrink and your body temperature drops, your immunity decreases at the same time. 

Rather than shrinking due to the cold weather, light exercise and plenty of rest are important. Let's find out about herbs that warm our bodies.

a. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is characterized by its hot, spicy and sweet nature, which allows the contracted muscles and blood to flow through the cold winter. It helps keep your stomach warm and digestible, especially for people with cold hands and feet in winter. Tangerine peel tea with cinnamon and jujube ginger tea for tea. Ssanghwa Tea, a winter health food, also has cinnamon.

b. Sleep

Sprouts are eaten as vegetables in spring and roots are collected early in spring or fall and roasted or used as medicinal ingredients. The efficacy of the residue strengthens the mind and body, boosts energy, and clears the lungs. In addition, it is said to be effective in relieving poison such as heavy metal poison, chemicals, and pesticide poison. It stops coughing, clears phlegm, and is also effective in asthma. After washing the root of the grain, boil it with water, and add honey depending on your taste.

c. a round goulet

Dungulle, which has a savory taste, is one of the most popular medicinal ingredients. Effectiveness improves your weak constitution, quenches thirst, replenishes energy and warms your body. In oriental medicine, drinking donggure from time to time is known to suppress aging. Doongulae, which is good for fatigue and recovery, boil it with water and enjoy it with tea from time to time to time.