Foods that are good for cystitis

In cold winter, especially during the change of seasons, immunity decreases at the same time, and in cold weather, people are prone to various diseases. Among them, bladder inflammation is also called a cold that occurs frequently during in-between seasons and when immunity decreases.

It is said that many modern people who change their lifestyles have a chronic disease because there are many people who suffer from urinary disorders.

- Symptoms related to urination

There are symptoms of urination disorders such as frequent urination eight times a day or more, night urination to wake up from sleep and urination, poor urination after urination, and urinary incontinence that leaks out regardless of one's intention.

- Good food for bladder inflammation

Let's learn about foods that help improve urinary health that help your bladder.

a. berries

Antocyanin and flavonoid components in various berries, such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, not only demonstrate strong antioxidant functions, but also help prevent bacterial and bacterial infections that can cause urinary tract infections.

b. Celery among vegetables

Salary offers many advantages to bladder and connective tissue. Salary is excellent at reducing uric acid, helping relieve discomfort before and during urination. It also helps produce urine and has excellent effects in preventing bacterial infections in the reproductive organs.

c. Corn beard

Corn beard protects urinary health by preventing contraction of prostate tissue. In addition to helping with diuretic effects, it also helps lower blood pressure and release accumulated sodium in the body.

In addition, it is also good to consistently eat foods that are good for the bladder, such as soybeans and whole grains, by forming a diet.

Experts also recommend eating foods that are good for the bladder and taking nutritional supplements for urination management.

It is good to cook and eat foods that are good for bladder inflammation, but if you suspect bladder inflammation, it is most important to visit a nearby hospital.