Enoki mushroom effect

Enoki mushroom effect; Rich in dietary fiber and chitosan, diet and immunity improvement effect


 Enoki mushrooms, which are in season in winter, are one of the most easily available and frequently eaten foods in our daily life. Although it is the cheapest among mushroom types, it is a licorice-like mushroom from Yakbang that is indispensable when eating stew, hotpot, or grilled pork belly. Enoki mushroom belongs to the family Pineaceae and grows from late autumn to winter on dry trees of broad-leaved trees. Enoki mushroom tea, which was once spotlighted as a diet tea, has recently been re-evaluated for its efficacy and is attracting attention.

▲ Diet effect

Enoki mushrooms are very low in calories compared to their actual volume and weight, and contain a lot more moisture and dietary fiber than grains and vegetables (6.2g per 100g), so they have a high feeling of satiety and are excellent in adsorbing and discharging waste products. It is known as a very effective food for diet.

Most of the various mushrooms contain a large amount of dietary fiber, but many of them are insoluble dietary fiber. However, enoki mushrooms, like fruits, contain high amounts of soluble dietary fiber. In particular, beta-glucan is known to reduce the size of fat cells. Mushroom chitosan, a type of dietary fiber, also has the effect of decomposing body fat.

- Improving immunity

One of the other excellent benefits of enoki mushrooms is to boost immunity. It has the most abundant chitosan among mushrooms, which is found in large amounts in crustaceans such as shrimp and lobsters, which are necessary to improve immunity. Chitosan, which helps liver function, improves the body's overall immunity and helps to flush out fat toxins. It is also effective in excreting wastes from the intestines and stool.

- Cancer prevention and treatment effect

The beta-glucan component contained in enoki mushrooms has been found to have the effect of strengthening the immune function against viruses and diseases introduced from the outside by activating the specific cell functions of macrophages and white blood cells that are responsible for the immune system of the human body.

As a result of an experiment on separating flamulin and proflamin, known as polysaccharides, it was found that proflamin was resistant to cancer cells. As a glycoprotein composed of 90% protein and 10% carbohydrate, it has been shown to have effective resistance to skin cancer and cervical cancer.

- Metabolic disease prevention and food ingredients

Enoki mushrooms have very low sugar content and are effective in controlling blood sugar. Beta-glucan has a good blood sugar control function, so it is called natural insulin. It delays the digestion and absorption of sugars after a meal to prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. It is an effective food for preventing or managing not only diabetes, but also hypertension and various cardiovascular diseases.

The antioxidants contained in enoki mushrooms also help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which can cause various diseases. In addition, it helps to maintain elastic skin by removing free radicals to prevent skin aging.

Folic acid contained in enoki mushrooms is said to be effective in preventing anemia by helping hematopoiesis, which promotes the production of red blood cells in the blood.

The easiest way to consume enoki mushrooms on a regular basis is to boil them and drink them as tea. It is said that if you eat it dry, the nutrients increase up to 10 times. Because there is a lot of moisture, it is not easy to dry hygienically at home, so it is better to use tea on the market. Roasted with state-of-the-art technology so that anyone can enjoy it, it has a soft and savory texture with almost no subtle flavor or bitter taste. Put a tea bag in warm 70~80℃ water and brew for 2 minutes. Drink it when the color changes and the scent rises.

It should be noted that enoki mushrooms contain a lot of potassium, so excessive intake may cause hyperkalemia, so do not consume too much. In addition, since it is rich in vegetable fiber, excessive intake may cause side effects such as diarrhea by stimulating the intestines, so caution is required.

When purchasing enoki mushrooms, it is good to have them in pure white or cream color with few caps, and if the roots are dark brown or the stems are thin, the freshness is low. Store in the refrigerator, wrapped in newspaper or unopened.