Efficacy of lactic acid bacteria bomb, pickled cabbage

Jauerkraut is a German fermented food made with only salt in cabbage. 

There are several world-famous fermented foods like Korean kimchi, one of which is German kimchi cabbage pickle. If you ferment it in a natural state only with salt, the rich lactobacillus becomes sour and salty, which is usually eaten with bread. It goes well with meat and sandwiches.

What's good about fermented cabbage?

First, it is easy to digest and second, lactobacillus is produced in abundance in the fermentation process, which helps improve the intestinal environment by playing the role of natural probiotics. Third, it is eaten uncooked, so beneficial nutrients can be consumed intact. It is said that the sailors of the old days did not get scurvy even during the long voyage because they could eat pickled cabbage. Even people who can't digest raw vegetables well are easy to digest because they are fermented foods.

Cabbage is a Gopodmap food that is rich in dietary fiber and is also effective in emitting gas generated by indigestion. Vitamin U, which is good for the stomach, is a kind of amino acid that promotes protein synthesis and protects the gastric mucous membrane, and the problem is that the stomach is filled with gas because of sulfur compounds or insoluble fiber, which neutralizes during the fermentation process.

It is also strong in bile, so it arrives alive to the intestines, increasing beneficial bacteria and improving the intestinal environment in a healthy way. As the dietary fiber of Jauerkraut becomes a food for intestinal beneficial bacteria, it cleans the intestines and promotes bowel movement at the same time as suit action.

Cabbage pickle is also known to have a cancer-fighting effect, according to an international journal in Finland, fermenting cabbages has confirmed that the glucosinolates contained in them break down into isothiocyanates known as anticancer agents, increasing the nutritional content to beat cancer.

Generally, the use of white cabbage and red cabbage is said to have a pretty color and the purple color of red cabbage is rich in anthocyani, which is effective in various brain-related diseases. This is because anthocyanin is the only nutrient that penetrates the brain.

Usually use a 2% salt amount of cabbage weight. Before you put it in a bottle, you should knead the salted cabbage with your hands for a long time. When you are completely out of breath and sufficient moisture, put it in a bottle. The cabbage must be soaked in salted water to keep it intact. The bottle must be disinfected so that the contents do not go bad easily and moldy. If left at room temperature for about 3 days, it will ferment enough and you can eat delicious pickled.