Dry winter dry eye syndrome precautions

If you use a heater or a heater indoors for a long time and work for a long time, you may have experienced a feeling of stiff eyes once or twice without realizing it.

Especially in winter, dry eye syndrome is more common due to dry weather.

These days, many people who have been looking at an indoor computer for a long time have experienced a feeling of foreign body or tightness in their eyes, so many people say that artificial tears are essential.

One of the biggest causes is that the indoor environment becomes dry due to heating in winter, and dry eyes are often more severe. In particular, as there are fewer outdoor activities due to cold weather, and fewer outdoor activities, the number of patients visiting the hospital has increased because watching TV or mobile phones a lot at home made their eyes sting or a foreign body sensation worsened.

Dry eye syndrome refers to symptoms such as stiff and dry eyes, tiredness and soreness, because tears that soften and sterilize the eyes are not produced properly due to the deterioration of the lacrimal gland function .

Dry eye syndrome can be divided into a case where the tear secretion is normal but the evaporation rate is fast, and a case where the tear production itself is small.

Most of the cases of low tear secretion are related to diseases such as Sjogren's syndrome or decreased lacrimal gland function.

Dry eye syndrome threatens the eye health of modern people

1 week experienced the following symptoms, try checking if ever party

1. Do you often dazzle?

2. Do you have a foreign body feeling

3. Do you have a sore or sore eye

4. Do you see

blurry 5. Do you feel diminished vision ?

The reason why dry eye syndrome often occurs is because of your lifestyle. Our eyes are constantly exposed to media devices, such as those who work on computers for long periods of time, use smartphones while on the go, and watch TV while relaxing at home. Air conditioners in summer, heaters in winter, dry environments, various stresses and nutritional imbalances can also cause dry eye syndrome.

Maintain proper indoor temperature and humidity, and rest as much as possible. If you use your eyes a lot, such as working on a computer for a long time, it is helpful to close your eyes for a certain period of time or apply artificial tears to prevent your eyes from drying out. Those who wear eye makeup should use an eye remover, and it is said that it is okay to apply a warm compress around the eyes in the evening.

If you wear contact lenses for a long time or have undergone ophthalmic surgery such as cataract surgery, it is necessary to have regular eye exams to prevent dry eye syndrome. Another way is to take omega-3 rich fish or nuts.