Dry skin Let's start with the small lifestyle habits;Lifetime improvement can prevent dry skin

 Due to the dry, sub-zero weather in winter, more time is spent indoors than going out, so it is said that it is the time when more people complain of dry skin due to heating.
 Dry skin, which occurs a lot in the elderly, is now dry indoors due to excessive use of heating.  It is said that many people visit a dermatologist due to general dryness of the arms, legs, elbows, neck and face.

 It is said that by correcting our daily habits, dry skin can be prevented to some extent.
 If you inadvertently go about your daily life, you may experience itchy symptoms in winter due to dry skin or, in severe cases, damage the skin barrier, lowering the skin's immunity and protective functions, and causing skin diseases.
    Let's take a little care of our winter life It is said that you can prevent dry skin to some extent by changing your daily habits.
    Avoid frequent bathing, hot springs, and sauna use of jjimjilbang The indoor temperature is dry, so if you visit a sauna or jjimjilbang in winter, you may feel that your skin becomes dry without realizing it. In addition, the act of rubbing the dirt or rubbing with salt should be prohibited.
    If the heater is turned on too high in a car or if it comes in direct contact with the face, it will irritate the skin and dry out the skin.
    Do not use the office heating temperature high all day long. It is helpful to use a personal humidifier in the office or to drink water frequently . It is also good to avoid electric blankets and wool or fur clothes that irritate the skin. Also, it is better to wear cotton clothes rather than clothes that are too tight or tight.
    Another way is to use a humidifier in the winter or hang laundry at home.
It is recommended to keep the indoor temperature at 18-20 degrees Celsius in winter and the indoor humidity at 40-60%.