cholesterol lowering foods;Eat fiber-rich foods on a daily basis

The accumulation of cholesterol-containing residues on the inner walls of our blood vessels narrows the blood vessels that pass through, 

and decreases the amount of blood supplied to each organ, causing various vascular diseases.

- Bad cholesterol (LDL)

LDL cholesterol penetrates inside the blood vessel walls and causes various inflammatory reactions. As you age, your blood cholesterol level increases, and the blood vessel wall becomes thicker. Thicker walls in the blood vessels increase the risk of exposure to various vascular diseases due to poor blood flow.

- Good cholesterol (HDL)

HDL cholesterol removes bad cholesterol from the walls of the blood vessels.

However, if HDL cholesterol levels are low or most HDL cholesterol does not function properly, it will not play a good role in blood vessels.

Let's lower our cholesterol levels and find out about food.

Sufficient fiber intake reduces cholesterol absorption in the intestines, and the satiety that fiber gives is also very helpful in controlling the amount of food eaten.

- Let's eat foods that are high fiber content.

a. Seaweed : Seaweed

Laver is a nutritious food because it contains a lot of protein and vitamins. Laver also contains ingredients that excrete cholesterol out of the body, which prevents arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

b. Seaweed

Vegetable seaweed in the calcium-rich sea is also good for preventing osteoporosis, especially because it contains a lot of fiber, which is effective in preventing constipation that is prone to occur in pregnant women by promoting bowel movement.

c. Vegetables: eggplant

Branches, which are black purple vegetables, are rich in fiber. In particular, it is rich in water-soluble fibers of eggplant, which encloses cholesterol and releases it out of the body instead of stacking it on the arterial wall.

d. Onions

The essential ingredient in Korean food is onions. It contains "alicin," a spicy-flavored ingredient, which makes it spicy and sweet, especially effective in reducing antioxidants and blood cholesterol levels.

e. Oats

Time magazine's top 10 food, "Oats," is rich in protein, essential amino acids, and water-soluble fibers compared to other grains, reducing cholesterol, and also helps prevent adult diseases due to its abundance of antioxidants such as polyphenols that prevent cardiovascular diseases.

f. Walnuts

Walnuts are high in omega-3 fats, a type of unsaturated fat. It helps to prevent cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol and clearing blood. It is also a good ingredient for brain health and skin. To increase fiber intake in daily life, it is recommended to improve eating habits. If it is better to eat mixed grain rice than regular white rice, and if it is better to eat raw vegetables or vegetables than vegetable juice, it is better to eat raw fruits than fruit juice or canned foods.