Benefits of pomegranate for menopause

Reasons why beauties like pomegranate Symptoms of female menopause

Modern people say that women's menopause is accelerating due to stress. Among the planned pomegranate advertisements that contain the most female hormones among plants, I remember an ad saying that Beauty likes pomegranates. Let's find out if it's good for everyone as well as for beauty.

Why does a beauty like pomegranates?

First of all, pomegranates contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals, and vegetable estrogen, which helps alleviate menopause symptoms. In common, all beauties have good skin (including natural vegetable estrogen, which is good for menopause). Pomegranate is effective in skin care and anti-aging.

Polyphenol among the pomegranate components removes free oxygen in the body. It has the effect of removing waste from the blood, which helps clean the blood and circulates the blood, which is also good for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Third, vegetable estrogen helps collagen synthesis and helps blood circulation in the scalp. It is also good for preventing hair loss.

Both the fourth fruit and shell are good for preventing high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Volatile alkaloids in pomegranates are used especially for parasites, especially tapeworms.

- To choose fresh pomegranates,

When picking up pomegranates, it is good to have a hard shell and red color. Choose a hard outer skin and a small wound. It is also good to choose something heavy and not light when carrying pomegranates because the heavier the fruit is, the more juicy it is.

To store pomegranates, it is recommended to wrap them in newspapers and store them in a cool place between 2 and 5의. The storage period should not exceed 20 days.

Especially if pomegranate occurs, it is good to eat it right away.

Pomegranate grains can be separated and stored in plastic packs or sealed containers for up to six months.

- Pomegranate grooming method

Pomegranate cuts off the top first, cuts the shell into quarters, and then splits it like it's twisting with its hands. These days, pomegranate grooming methods are available on YouTube and videos.

The second method of pomegranate grooming is that when pomegranate is immersed in water, a white part called "medium destruction" comes off and floats for water, and the kernel sinks into the water.

- How to enjoy pomegranate

Sometimes seeds are separated and reproduced. Sugar water may be added to pomegranate juice and served with pomegranate juice. Wash the skin clean, cut the shreds, and boil them with tea or juice. They also eat pomegranate grains raw.