A healthy diet for COVID-19 patients in winter

In winter, the amount of activity is low, so unlike in summer, you can get your stomach circumference just by squeezing your waist slightly.

The less active you are, the more likely you are to gain weight. I tried to plan a food diet composition that is healthy and helps you lose weight.

There are various ingredients that are good for the body and low in calories even in winter, but let's take a look at celery and red beans among them.

Before eating the first meal, let's plan a course to stimulate the appetite with an appetizer feeling.

How about a salad made with celery as the first course?

Celery contains a large amount Farah Jean component is a perfect diet yebanghae to build up the bad cholesterol in the blood vessels. In addition, celery is rich in vitamins and minerals, so it releases carbon monoxide from the body and is effective in relieving headaches.

Gondree and red beans are good ingredients for the next course after eating celery, which makes you feel full as an appetizer before a meal.

A must-try food on your trip to Gangwon-do is gondre rice with gondre leaves. Gondree contains a lot of coarse fiber, which lowers blood cholesterol and is good for preventing constipation and dieting.

It is said that one of the ingredients that is helpful for those who suddenly gained weight in the winter and Corona 19...

Beta-carotene component of gondeure remove the body radical , when help prevent cancer also calcium, phosphorus, etc. gondeure herbs gondeure rice with happy meals gondeure do good for it solidly and anemia prevention of bone gotta containing iron winter, winter solstice like red bean soup to eat a bean is to promote the metabolism, activating blood circulation, acts to drain the blood toxins and waste products from the body to relieve swelling also fillings include anthocyanins and saponins chapters they contain helps also stimulate digestion .

Red beans are rich in vitamin B1, which has the effect of relieving fatigue and improving memory. You can cook rice by mixing red bean and gondre together.

Due to this winter's cold weather and Corona 19, there are many cases of gaining weight because of less activity.