5 Habits That Are Poisonous If Taken Right After A Meal

Brushing your teeth right after meals can cause tooth decay.

Some of the things that you do casually after meals are bad habits that harm your health if you do it right after meals. One of the most representative of them is brushing one's teeth, which I understand should be brushed immediately after meals. However, brushing teeth right after a meal removes the enamel that protects the teeth and can easily rot and become a cyrin if the enamel layer is worn out. Especially after eating, the enamel layer melts more if you brush your teeth right after drinking acidified beverages such as fruit juice, coffee, and wine. After a meal, it is recommended to remove the stew cleanly with water brushing and brush your teeth after an hour.

Coffee and green tea after meals are prohibited. It is because it prevents the absorption of iron from beans or green vegetables consumed as food, and the tannin in coffee green tea combines with iron, which significantly decreases the absorption rate in the body. According to a study, 60 percent of green tea and up to 50 percent of coffee are absorbed. Particular attention is required if there is iron deficiency anemia. If you have frequent recurrence of anemia, you should check if you have a habit of drinking coffee or green tea after meals. It is recommended to drink coffee or green tea 30 minutes after meals.

Lying down right after meals is a bad habit that can lead to illnesses that have not been found. If you have an upset stomach, lying down comfortably and breathing slowly can help you lower your body fat. However, habitually lying down right after meals lowers the esophagus position, making it easier for food and stomach acid to flow back. In particular, if you go to bed right after a late meal, it will take a long time for food to stay in your stomach, which can lead to reflux esophagitis and cause diabetes.

Sweet desserts after meals cause high blood sugar, which puts a heavy burden on the pancreas. Since most desserts use refined sugars such as sugar, blood sugar rises faster than regular carbohydrates, and when blood sugar spikes appear and blood sugar drops sharply, you quickly become hungry.

Excessive exercise after eating interferes with blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract, reducing digestive absorption. Digestive foods are prone to toxins. Walking slowly rather than exercising with a lot of activity helps with digestive fluid secretion and gastrointestinal interworking exercises.