5 foods that are good for a hangover

When we watch dramas or movies, there are many scenes where the main character eats bean sprout soup when he is hungover the day after he is drunk. And I think dried pollack soup is one of them.

Let's find out about good food that can relieve hangovers in one go.

1. Bean sprout soup that I remember the most.

The amino acid called "asparaginic acid," which is contained a lot in the roots of bean sprouts that came out during school hours, helps produce coenzyme that breaks down alcohol in our bodies and removes acetaldehyde, the main cause of hangover symptoms.

Bean sprout soup is good for hangover, not skipping breakfast on the pretext of being busy relieving hangovers.

2. Deep-fed dried pollack soup

After drinking as much as a hangover, you can also see scenes in the drama where your stomach feels bitter. Of course, dried pollack soup is better than any food that makes your stomach feel better.

Dried pollack relaxes the stomach, controls intestinal function, helps prevent diarrhea and constipation, and improves liver function.

3. Cucumber that drains alcohol out of the body

It is said that vitamin C is consumed in large quantities when the liver breaks down alcohol after drinking alcohol. Taking vitamin C after drinking alcohol increases the rate of alcohol emissions.

Cucumber is said to be effective in relieving hangovers the day after drinking alcohol due to its high vitamin C content and potassium content that stimulates diuretic effect.

4. Eggs to restore the liver

Eggs are rich in amino acids called methionine and lecithin. Metionine promotes the regeneration of damaged liver cells with essential amino acids, and lecithin is effective in relieving the irritated stomach.

Dried pollack soup, which is eaten with dried pollack eggs, makes it easier to speed up and promotes the regeneration of liver cells, so it would be good to mix the eggs in dried pollack soup the next day.

5. Honey that fills the electrolyte and sugar deficiency.

If you can't eat bean sprout soup in the morning after drinking too much, water made of honey is better than water in the morning. Our bodies use sugar and moisture in the body to break down alcohol. So if we drink alcohol, our bodies can show symptoms of hypoglycemia and dehydration, so a cup of sweet honey water is good.

If you don't have honey, drinks that can quickly replenish sugar and electrolytes with orange juice and sikhye will also help you hangover.

It's better not to drink too much, but if you drink too much the day before or need a hangover, a cup of honey water is good, and how about a bowl of dried pollack soup to relax your sore stomach?