Why you should have breakfast

Many students and office workers skip breakfast. Some people have a cup of coffee because they feel bloated after breakfast. 

 If you have a habit of not eating breakfast for a long time, you sometimes feel uncomfortable with breakfast, so you skip breakfast even more.

- Breakfast is recommended.

 The reason is that, first, if you don't eat breakfast, the accumulation of fatigue substances increases. The energy needed for metabolism and activity of the body in the morning is obtained by decomposition of fat. In this process, a lot of fatigue substances, including lactic acid, are piled up. Failure to provide adequate nutrition for breakfast will increase fatigue and reduce mental and physical vitality.
 Second, it is good to supply glucose to the brain that only uses glucose as an energy source. Breakfast provides glucose for morning mental activity. If you skip breakfast, you need to make glucose again with fatty acids that break down fat. It is efficient to supply sugar directly for breakfast and use it as an energy source for brain activity.
 Third, it is easy to overeat during lunch. Overeating is the cause of digestive disorders, obesity, fatty liver, and diabetes, and lowers the body's immune system. Mental and physical stress caused by skipping breakfast can also cause stomachache in the morning.
 If the total amount of energy to consume per day is 100%, it is ideal to divide it evenly into 33% in the morning, 33% in the afternoon, and 33% in the evening. Therefore, it is recommended to eat rice, bread, animal, vegetable protein, and even-mixed foods in the morning. Eat porridge, bread, cereal or fruit if this breakfast is difficult. A simple meal is not ideal, but much better than not.