vegan food;A vegan dessert that considers taste, nutrition and digestion

 Vegan is a perfect vegetarian who naturally does not eat meat among vegetarians and eats only vegetables and inanimate objects. Recently, a growing number of vegetarians have been eating only vegetable foods without eating any animal foods, including meat. They do not use eggs, fish, dairy products, or leather from animals.

Most people choose vegan as their philosophy of food, but others choose dairy allergies. Anyway, according to Vegan, which is referred to as a textbook for vegetarians, seven typical evils or truths arising from the production and consumption of meat and dairy products are listed as follows: Cruel animal abuse, severe pollution of water and soil, increased carbon emissions, massive damage to forests and forests, and cancerous materials, serious adverse effects on health and mass destruction.

Usually vegetarians are divided according to the range of food ingredients they eat, depending on whether they eat meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. A vegetarian who does not just eat meat is called a 'Pesco Veggiterian.' It is called vegan not to eat meat and fish, but also all ingredients derived from animals such as eggs, milk and honey.

As the number of vegan people increases, not only main dishes but also vegan dessert restaurants have emerged. There is a prejudice that vegan desserts will be tasteless and expensive, because it is not easy to make sweet and savory taste and flavor with vegetable ingredients except for animal ingredients such as eggs, flour, and butter, which are the main ingredients of desserts.

Recently, however, there have been many vegetable ingredients available to replace it. Although it has less savory taste unique to animal dairy products, it has a good light taste from vegetable ingredients and a very good texture. In particular, traditional desserts made of flour, sugar, and butter tend to be bloated and indigestible, so let's enjoy desserts with vegan that thinks about taste, nutrition, and digestion.

Vegan desserts use whole wheat instead of refined flour, coconut milk or almond milk instead of milk, and agave syrup or amorphous sugar instead of refined white sugar. Instead of eggs, viscous vegetable ingredients such as tofu, flax seed powder, and Chinese yam are used to maintain the viscosity of the dough.

There are also low-carbohydrate desserts that lower carbohydrates. It is perfect for diabetics who are reluctant to eat carbohydrates that quickly increase blood sugar. Using brown rice powder, almond powder, and coconut powder can greatly reduce the amount of net carbohydrate. It does not taste as soft or chewy as desserts made from animal products, but you can enjoy its unique light taste, such as nuts and fruits.