Unlike its bumpy appearance, quince is good for the body

Unlike the fact that you should not say that you are ugly, it is a fruit that has excellent scents and good effects on your body. 

It is difficult to eat raw because of its sour and bitter taste, but it can be used as a deodorant because it can be used as a drink or as a salad dressing with quince, and as it has a good scent that spreads throughout the house.

Let's find out about the health benefits of quince unlike how it looks.

Quince is effective in bronchitis. Help the lungs clear phlegm and stop coughing. It is also good for people who catch colds easily because they are weak. It is known to strengthen the lungs and relax the stomach. The organic acid component of the quince has the effect of making muscles move smoothly and improving blood circulation. When you have cramps or cramps in your muscles, it works for people with joint pains and neuralgia.

Quince is also effective in diabetes. Fructose, which gives sweetness, is effective in diabetes as it prevents blood sugar from rising compared to other sugars. As a side effect, if you have constipation, you should refrain from eating too much.

- How to choose quince

Quince ripens properly in the autumn sun in late September and October. If you want to choose a good quince, you'd better have a yellow color and a strong scent. Because unripe quince has a strong quince's unique new membrane and astringent taste, it is recommended to choose one that is clearly yellow and has no scratches. Quince's unique stickiness is due to its aroma and flavor-enhancing oil content, so you don't have to worry about it because it's not crushed or damaged. It is recommended to avoid insect infestation, wounds, and soft pulp.

- Quince storage method

Quince can be wrapped in newspapers and stored in a refrigerator vegetable compartment for about two months. If you want to store it for a long time, it's better to put it in a dried airtight container and freeze it.

- How to utilize quince

The most common way to use quince in everyday life is quince syrup, and in some cases, quince wine, which is loved by drinkers, is to make fragrant quince wine. It has a quince-specific scent, so it is also used as a dessert food. Salads are also served with incense, quince tea, quince pyeons, and mother process. These days, they are used in various dishes.