Tomatoes resembling summer sunlight

 It reminds me of my mother who used to give me red tomatoes that resemble the sunlight of summer with plenty of sugar on a hot summer day.

It is a delicious season these days. It is a happy season to think about how to eat cherry tomatoes with a mouthful of cherry tomatoes and tomato juice that can be ground in a blender.


Tomatoes are fruits? It's a vegetable.

Tomatoes were once controversial in the U.S. between the government and businesses when they were fruits or vegetables. The Supreme Court ruled tomatoes as vegetables. Whether it's vegetables or fruits, it doesn't change a lot of healthy nutrients, so it's delicious and healthy, so I don't think it's a problem to eat it often. Few foods contain as many nutrients as tomatoes. 

It has been selected as one of the world's top 10 foods, including citric acid, amino acid, routine, protein, iron, calcium and phosphorus minerals, as well as well as various nutrients. Vitamin C, in particular, takes about half of the recommended daily intake of tomatoes.


Tomatoes with higher nutritional value as heat is added.

Tomatoes that resemble the summer sun are better the more reddish they are. It's good to cook it completely red with heat.You can control your weight if you eat cherry tomatoes in small containers. If you heat up tomatoes, Lycopene escapes into the tomato cell wall, which increases absorption rate in your body.

Sugar that my mom used to make when I was young is the main culprit of destroying tomato nutrients, much better to add a little salt than sugar.  If it's bland to eat raw, try various vegetables and tomato stir-fry.  Simple tomato cooking. Stir-fry tomatoes with a little salt in an oiled pan, which is popular among children, and then stir-fry it with scrambled eggs, making it a meal full of nutrients.