The effect of a tomato that turns the doctor's face blue?

 You've heard that fruits are good for you at least once. Many people are looking for fruits especially for their health because they are good for their skin. However, in the case of fruits, it is not desirable to eat too much because of the sugar content, so you should eat anything in moderation. 

 Among them, tomatoes don't need to worry about sugar. It also contains a variety of healthy ingredients, making it one of the most loved crops around the world.  Tomatoes, called 'sense of devotion' , were first planted for coronation, but gradually became more nutritious and popularized in the fields.   There is a European proverb that says, "When tomatoes ripen red, the doctor's face turns blue." For a long time, I thought tomatoes were so healthy that I didn't need a doctor.

- Tomato ingredients
 It is recognized as a healthy food to be selected as one of the top 10 superfoods selected by the U.S. Times.  Let's find out what ingredients tomatoes contain and become a healthy food.   The ingredients contained in tomatoes include citric acid, apple acid, pumpkin acid, amino acid, routine, protein, sugars, ash, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber, especially vitamin C.  In other words, tomatoes are so healthy that you don't need a doctor.

The biggest reason why it is attracting attention as a health functional food is because of the ingredient of 'Lycopene' in tomatoes. Tomatoes tend to have a lot of antioxidants such as lycopene and beta-carotene. Lycopene, which makes red, releases free radicals that cause aging, keeping cells young.

It is also effective in preventing prostate cancer, breast cancer, and digestive pain in men. Since lycopene releases toxic substances generated by the decomposition of alcohol, it is also good to eat it before drinking or as a side dish.

Tomatoes are high in vitamin K, which prevents calcium from escaping and helps prevent osteoporosis or senile dementia.  Vitamin C contained in tomatoes gives skin elasticity, which is also effective in preventing fine wrinkles and preventing freckles.  Potalium also helps prevent high blood pressure caused by Korean people's salty eating habits by releasing salts from the body.

It is better to cook tomatoes fully red because red is more beneficial to your health than blue.  Fresh tomatoes should be firm, plump, glossy and free of wrinkles or cracks.

Then how should I eat tomatoes?

As I said in the beginning, red tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, so ripe red is better than blue.  If you just eat red tomatoes, the absorption rate in your body is slightly reduced, so it is recommended to cook them with heat.

When heated, lycopene escapes from the tomato cell wall and is absorbed well by our body. Lycopene and fat-soluble vitamins in tomatoes absorb well when cooked in oil.  Lycopene is heat-resistant and fat-soluble, so if you stir-fry it in oil, the absorption rate in your body increases. Therefore, it is good to cook tomatoes with olive oil or cooking oil. It is called tomato puree, which is boiled down through a sieve while peeling and mashing ripe tomatoes.

Tomato sauce used in pasta and pizza can be made easily by chopping garlic and beef and stir-frying them in olive oil and adding tomato puree with a little red wine.  Our table culture is also changing. Some people make kimchi or pickled vegetables with green tomatoes, and others roast tomatoes like meat or mushrooms.

Why don't you apply it in our family style according to your preference and try it according to your preference.