The effect of persimmon resembling autumn

 To express the ripening autumn, I think it is a golden color that is rich in all colors from the golden field. The golden color can be expressed in yellow even if it is yellowish ginkgo leaves, fields, and deliciously ripe persimmons.

Autumn, which is rich in food, is twice as happy as it can feel the joy of harvesting the fruits of a year.


 - Let's find out the effectiveness of sweet persimmons.

  Persimmon seems to have a variety of names, but if you eat it cooked, it is sweet persimmon filled with persimmon sweetness. I think it would be a delicious fruit to eat dried persimmons and dried persimmons that tigers are most afraid of.


Persimmon is a unique fruit tree in East Asia and is native to Korea, Japan, and China. Our country is grown all over the country and is well known as a local specialty.

It is one of the most popular fruits of autumn for all men and women of all ages who become richer in sugar as the weather gets colder in autumn.

The main ingredient of persimmon is sugar, which is 15 to 16 percent high in glucose and fructose.

Persimmons are rich in vitamins A and B, and contain 30 to 50 mg of vitamin C in 100 grams. Persimmon's unique astringency is due to its ingredient called tannin, which has anti-oxidizing effects such as fatigue recovery, aging prevention, and arteriosclerosis prevention. It also has sterilization and deodorization effects to prevent bad smell. It is also good for relieving hangovers by breaking down alcohol. It has the effect of making urine come out well.

However, if you eat a lot of sweet persimmon because the tannin ingredient acts with lipids, you can get constipation, so be careful.


Dried persimmons contain a lot of vitamin A. It is also said to have higher calories than red persimmon or sweet persimmon. It's better to eat moderately as a snack rather than an excessive intake.

Various golden-colored fruits and vegetables in autumn have many good ingredients for our body, so let's take care of our health with abundant fall fruits.