Plantar Fasciitis; Don't play with your feet

 "I can't walk in the morning because my feet hurt."

There are people visiting the hospital saying that every time they step between the osmosis of the soles and the heel of their feet, it hurts as if they are swollen, and it is hard to even step on their feet when they wake up in the morning. They are the middle-aged men who usually wake up in the morning and feel pain in their heels when they take the first few steps.


They complain that the pain temporarily disappears after a few minutes of walking, but the soles of their feet hurt again in the afternoon or evening.


These foot pain is caused by phlegm fasciitis, infectious arthritis, gout, fatigue fractures, mucus cystitis, capture neurological disorders, obesity and pregnancy.Dual perennial fasciitis is the most common cause. The phlegm is a thick membrane that keeps the feet curved rather than flat.


Repeated over-stress causes inflammatory changes, fibrosis and degenerative changes, which can cause symptoms.


It is also common in people who stand on hard floors for a long time or wear hard shoes. However, it is often caused by no apparent cause.


Both feet should also be suspected of systemic diseases, such as gout and rigid spondylitis, that cause inflammation in the area where muscles attach to the bones.


The recovery period can be long and it can take a year. Both patients and doctors need patience. Avoid running or jumping, do Achilles tendon and foot stretching, and exercise to strengthen the muscle strength of the foot when the pain is relieved.


Heel cups are the most widely used of assistants. There are insoles that are commonly found in convenience stores, but if the pain becomes chronic, it is a little expensive, but it is helpful to use heel cups specially made of silicon.


Anti-inflammatory painkillers are helpful in acute cases, and many patients are effective just by physical therapy. Taping therapy is also used to reduce or disperse the power received by the foot's aroma by pulling and attaching bandages or something like that is called taping therapy.


Foot pain is a disease that requires physical therapy when you go to an orthopedic clinic and takes acupuncture and herbal medicine when you go to an oriental medical clinic. The fact that there is no clear cure means that treatment is as difficult as it is.