Managing Obesity That Causes Complications

 We call obesity a state of excess fat tissue in the body. They weigh a lot, but they are not called obese if they increase muscle mass and do not have much fat.

 It means something different from being overweight. But we usually see people with a lot of body fat around us. We call these people obese. Chronic diseases, which are increasing in the prevalence rate of adults, are steadily increasing, and these symptoms can cause another complication as they get older.

- Causes of obesity

Over a long period of time, over-consumption of nutrients is caused by less exercise than eating. It is caused by an energy imbalance. It may be caused by endocrine diseases such as Cushing Syndrome and various medications that increase appetite. In general, genetic influences and environmental nutrition modern people can be caused by stress.

- Obesity with various complications

 Obesity usually does not have symptoms, but it can cause various complications. Diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and various other diseases can be accompanied by cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, joint diseases, reproductive-related diseases, etc. In addition, it can be accompanied by fatty liver and gallstones, and can also be caused by some cancers. Abdominal obesity refers to cases where the waist circumference exceeds 102cm (90cm in asia) for men and 88cm (85cm in asia).

- Obesity management that causes complications

Above all, it is important to improve your lifestyle to reduce your diet and increase your exercise. In addition to improving the habit of rehabilitation, obesity can be treated through drugs. It's something everyone knows, but getting out of obesity seems to come from the strong will and practice that you want to do. Proper eating habits and starting exercise are important.