laughter and health

 The source of this tofu comes from beans. Linolenic acid in soybeans is an unsaturated fatty acid that not only lowers cholesterol in the body but also has been proven to be effective in preventing and treating various adult diseases, including obesity, high blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis. It was also found that soy protein isoflavone and genistin have anti-cancer effects. In addition, isoflavone is suggested as a vegetable estrogen without side effects as a major means of treating women's hormones in menopause. Studies have shown that some menopause symptoms, including facial redness, hypersensitiHaha, ho-ho, have you laughed this loud lately. Laughter is closely linked to physical and mental health, which has recently been pointed out by global media. An interesting lecture that brings laughter to the heart is a lecture, and studies show that education with laughter is important to make students have fun.


Being able to smile properly and comfortably is really important for humans. There is often a saying that laughter is a masterpiece. In fact, with the well-being wind these days, health is always a big concern for Koreans. But it's a big fault to think that you have to spend money to be healthy by taking supplements or healthy food.


It is popular to eat shark cartilage, various expensive vitamins, Chinese yam that is good for the body, and cheonggukjang powder. How effective would it be to eat such food in a depressed and upset state? I felt heartbroken when I saw my high school nephew who was eating walnut dishes, fish food, and tomato juice with a gloomy expression that he prepared sincerely to study well. How effective learning will be for children and students who have lost their laughter.


Parents often have the wrong prejudice that 'fun things' are not studies. On the contrary, the opposite is true. Only when the content of students' studies is exciting and fun can the learning effect be increased. Therefore, in North America, there is also a special lecture called "Teacher's Sense of Humor and Learning Effect" in the teacher curriculum. Research on how to teach hard mathematics formulas in a fun way, and education on history in a quiz game format focusing on interesting historical events.


In an atmosphere where office workers can laugh, the work effect is bound to increase. The reason why the appropriate sense of humor in the job interview is highly regarded is because it is linked to confidence, ease, flexible personality, amicable interpersonal relationships and favorable characteristics of others. A survey found that sense of humor is also important for both men and women even for the conditions of spouse choice.


According to a recent U.S.-North Korea poll, humor and personality are more important than education, people, social status, and economic position. Studies have also been reported that people who bring laughter to other people can be true leaders.

Especially in the midst of a busy modern life, if the tension, the rapidly changing society, and the stress of changing values continue, there is no room for laughter. As you live, as you get older, your life without laughter can become a habit and in some cases develop into symptoms such as depression. As already shown in research by the Medical Association, it is pointed out that the more people laugh and have a happy mind, the greater the treatment effect on all diseases, such as heart disease, various cancers, and digestive disorders, and insomnia.


Some hospitals invite comedians to nursing homes and pediatric cancer wards to conduct regular programs. Therefore, the occupation of laughter therapist is in the spotlight as a new job. Once you open your mouth and laugh, you can feel the joy of it even for a moment. When the facial muscles move with a smile, especially when the corners of the eyes go down and the tip of the mouth goes up, a pleasant heart is already delivered to the brain, causing physical changes. Blood pressure goes down and cholesterol levels go down. This proves how closely our minds and bodies are connected.


Laughing is more effective than laughing alone when two or three people laugh together. Statistics show that children laugh an average of 300 times a day while adults laugh less than 17 times a day. There is a saying that a day when you never laugh is a day you throw away. Sometimes it is necessary to be a person who lets go of worries and laughs like children. Only when you think a lot of good things and get rid of your greed can you have a heart to laugh at small things and find humor in small things.


Through interesting conversations, books, comedy films, etc., an active attitude to develop a positive eye and observe daily life with curiosity is connected to the ability to realize humor or laughter. Foreigners say one of the advantages of Korean people is their unique sense of humor that really likes to laugh. We should not lose our unique sense of humor while being immersed in our daily lives.

vity, and sleep disorders, have decreased, although the results are not as great as hormone therapy. In particular, tofu is recognized as a representative soya formula that satisfies both taste and nutrition as it has a digestive absorption rate of more than 95 percent while saving the nutrients of beans intact. Then how much tofu would be good to eat? Nutritionists advise that it is appropriate to eat half a pack a day. But beware of saponin in tofu. This is because it can cause nutritional imbalance by releasing iodine components in the body. To prevent this, it is beneficial to eat tofu with seaweed such as seaweed, which is rich in iodine. In addition, soy milk and soy noodles among processed foods made of soybeans can benefit from protein such as isoflavone. However, soy sauce or soy oil does not contain isoflavone, even if it is made from beans.