Is avocado a diet food?

When I first came across avocados, it was a rather unfamiliar fruit, but now it is easily accessible everywhere. It is known among people for its health and work, and it is especially popular with dieters.

Will fatty avocados help you lose weight? Avocado-containing fat is a "single unsaturated fatty acid," which can be expected to lower cholesterol levels as well as prevent blocked arteries. This is why it is also a good food for people with cardiovascular diseases. Avocadoes also help with the body's waste of abundant dietary fiber and vitamins, as well as maintain satiety for a long time and reduce appetite even if they eat a small amount of calories.

Let's look at other effects.

- The GI level is low.

If the GI level is below 60, the sugar level does not rise easily, but avocado is a fruit that people with high sugar levels eat because the GI level is low at 27.

- Rich Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the must-eat nutrients for pregnant women because it is good for the development of the fetus' brain. It is good to eat avocados that are rich in folic acid consistently in an appropriate amount. In particular, it is necessary to eat before the 3rd level of pregnancy, but even if you failed to do so, there is no big problem if you eat from the moment you know about the pregnancy.

- Prevention of hair loss

Avocado, which is rich in vitamin B as well as vitamin E, is an effective fruit for people with damaged hair. In particular, good effects can be expected for those who frequently get a perm or dye, and those who lose a lot of hair.

- Fruit good for menopause women.

 It helps improve the memory of menopause women. It is also good for bone health and prevention of osteoporosis, which are the most important in menopause women. Not only that, it also has a sulfuric acid effect that helps prevent aging. Avocado is popular as a diet food, but it is also a 'health food' that has more benefits than diet. Also, eating avocados recklessly when dieting does not mean you lose weight, but eating them with proper nutrients will make you a healthy diet.