I wish I had slept soundly at night! How to prevent insomnia

 "I wish I could get a good night's sleep." "I couldn't sleep last night..." One of the diseases that is increasing in modern people is insomnia. That's how many people suffer from insomnia. In particular, there are many cases in which children cannot sleep easily these days when smartphones are developed. Insomnia is now a problem not just for adults but for children. 

There are various kinds and causes of insomnia.  It's easy to hear around you when you say it's because of stress from work at work. Insomnia is a disease that comes from a variety of causes, including not only mental problems but also physical problems.

1. Adaptive insomnia

Going to unfamiliar places, not being able to sleep on business trips or in distant travel destinations because of the change in time, is also part of "adaptive insomnia." In addition, changes in the environment, for example, a broken heart, belong to this case, and when the stress that causes it is removed, it recovers quickly.

2. Insomnia due to medication

Among the most common drugs that cause sleep disorders, caffeine in coffee that we usually enjoy takes a long time to fall asleep, and in some cases, we often wake up from sleep. In some cases, there are substances that cause insomnia due to the medication you normally take.

Among them, anti-cancer drugs, thyroid drugs, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, oral contraceptives, and sleeping pills that are usually taken to solve insomnia are resistant (long-term use for more than 30 days).

3. Insomnia related to mental illness

About 80 percent of psychiatric patients complain of sleep disorders. For depression patients, it is difficult to fall asleep, and even if they fall asleep, they wake up quickly. Insomnia also comes when you have mania, anxiety disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

4. In case of wrong lifestyle

The habit of frequently changing sleep time, exercising hard just before going to sleep, or drinking alcohol, smoking, and drinking beverages high in caffeine can also cause insomnia.

Drinking an average of three to five cups of coffee a day can cause sleep disorders, so let's reduce your favorite coffee to one or two cups.

5. Environmental Insomnia

There's also insomnia caused by the surroundings. People who take night shifts also suffer from adaptive insomnia due to family members who live next to railroad tracks or snore heavily.  It is often recovered by caring for each other or improving the environment.

- "I wish I had a good night's sleep" impact on my life.

 Lack of sleep due to insomnia affects various body rhythms. It may slow down mental activity and result in physical aftereffects. It is said that getting enough sleep strengthens your memory. Conversely, lack of sleep significantly reduces activity. In addition, accidents may occur during field work due to reduced concentration. It is highly likely to cause mistakes or accidents in daily life due to poor concentration and severe fatigue. The most representative example is the Chernobyl nuclear accident and the Challenger explosion, which are known to have had a significant impact on workers' lack of sleep. Workers should get enough sleep normally.

- How to prevent insomnia 

The first priority is to develop regular habits that occur at the same time every day. It's not good to oversleep for a long time on holidays or holidays, so you should spend less time in bed during the day. Coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes that you drink every day like a habit are factors that stimulate the central nervous system and cause sleep disorders, so you should reduce them. Sometimes you can take a short nap as a treatment method, but you should avoid sleeping during the day as much as possible. I refrain from watching TV during sleep or watching my smartphone until late at night, one of the causes of insomnia these days. It is good to read instead. Smartphones and T.V. viewing will prevent light from electronic devices from falling asleep by suppressing melatonin secretion, and even if you fall asleep, your brain will wake up and make it difficult to fall into a deep sleep.

Insomnia is said to increase the chance of depression within a year and increase the risk of anxiety disorder or drug abuse if not treated without thinking it is a disease as common.

It is recommended to treat it before it greatly affects your daily life. When you can't sleep for more than a week for no particular reason, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Sleeping pills are not recommended unconditionally in hospitals, but non-drug methods and various causes are identified and non-drug methods are also recommended.

"I wish I had a good night's sleep" seems to contain difficult words. Let's find the cause first and observe healthy living rules for healthy sleep.

*** 10 Living Rules for Healthy Sleep

1. Avoid taking a nap.

2. Work out regularly every day.

3. Turn off the TV when you sleep.

4. Wake up at regular times on weekends and holidays.

5. Use the bed only to sleep.

6. Avoid caffeine and nicotine that interfere with sleep.

7. Create an environment where you can get enough sleep, even if it's short, rather than long sleep.

8. Don't eat and drink before you go to sleep. It is helpful to drink warm milk on an empty stomach.

9. Even if I wake up at night, I don't look at my watch.

10. Relax before you go to sleep. It is better to read a book than to look at a smartphone.