How to use a mask correctly

As the COVID-19 infection continues for a long time, the so-called 'mask crisis' has caused the entire nation to suffer double hardship. Now is the time to wear a mask all day, whether indoors or outdoors. Assuming that one disposable mask is used per day, the number of masks required every day is tens of millions. No matter how much the government provides support, it is inevitably insufficient to supply the necessary supplies. Only if individual wise coping follows, will we be able to get through the crisis wisely together.

Wearing a regular mask to prevent infectious diseases is not very effective. Wearing a health mask approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety reduces the degree of exposure of the respiratory tract to viruses by blocking external fine particles. A health mask is a mask with a function to protect the respiratory tract from particulate harmful substances or infectious agents because it has a particle blocking performance.

Depending on the type, KF (Korea Filter) 80 products can block more than 80% of fine particles (average of 0.6 micrometers) to protect the respiratory system from harmful particulate matter such as yellow dust and fine dust. KF94 and KF99 products block more than 94% and 99% of fine particles (average of 0.6 micrometers), respectively, to protect the respiratory tract from infectious agents such as yellow dust, fine dust and swine flu. When it is necessary to wear a mask for a long time as at the present time, it is important to select it considering appropriate blocking performance and convenient breathing.

The correct way to wear a mask is to wear it as close to the face as possible. And once you put the mask on, don't touch the surface. When the ear strap goes inside, there is a space between the face and the mask, so it is more effective to wear it with the strap outside because the adhesion is high. If any abnormal symptoms such as shortness of breath appear after wearing the mask, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention.

Most of the droplets that carry the new coronavirus are 5 micrometers or larger. 'KF 80' can filter out 80% of ultrafine dust of 2.5 micrometers or less. Blocking the saliva alone is of great significance, because if the total amount of virus is reduced, infection rarely occurs.

Medical reporter Hye-geol Hong (doctor) said, "Please wear it once and do not throw it away." recommend that Since the expiration date of the mask is set at 8 hours, it is a standard applied to dusty workplaces, so after a day or two, the effect of filtering fine dust using static electricity is weakened, but the function of filtering saliva is easily maintained.

“I have been using it for over a week as long as there is no damage to the shape (Dr. Hong Hye-geol). When it is difficult to obtain masks like now, there is no reason to change the masks every day.” (GMW Alliance) This is an opinion worth listening to in times of extreme mask shortages like these days.

Masks should be worn more strictly indoors than outdoors. Although there is little possibility of airborne transmission outdoors, the indoor infection rate is very high. Therefore, it must be worn in confined spaces such as offices (schools), elevators, cars, and public transportation. In particular, you must wear a mask when speaking, because research shows that the new corona virus proliferates in the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract rather than the lungs, so it is dangerous not only for coughing but also for saliva splashing while talking.