How to use ground coffee grounds

 A cup of coffee after a meal has become a natural part of everyday life. It can also be said that coffee is what Koreans drink as much as rice. However, the amount of discarded coffee grounds is not so great.


The fact that the use value of coffee powder, which is not considered bad garbage because it is a natural material, is also very high. Here are various ways to use coffee powder, which can be easily obtained free of charge even at coffee shops. 


Coffee powder is perfect for removing odors. It's just a matter of how to use it well. First of all, when you touch fish or meat. When the fishy smell does not go away from your hands, place a spoonful of ground coffee on your palm and rub it with a little moisture to remove the fishy smell much better than using vinegar. Coffee powder is also effective in removing kitchen odors caused by high humidity in summer. When there is a foul smell from a cup, etc., rinse it with water, and while the water is still there, add a little coffee powder and rub it with your hands to remove the foul smell.


It can also be used to clean trash cans. If you wipe the food waste bin or general waste bin with coffee powder, the odor will disappear. It can also be used to clean the bathroom. I usually use a lot of lax when I clean the bathroom, but the bad thing is that it smells too strong. At this time, too, after cleaning the lax, roughly spray water and wipe it off with coffee powder in a damp state to remove the lax smell and to smell the silvery, silvery scent of coffee beans. If you put vegetables thrown away when grilling fish on the bottom, the smell will be reduced, but if you add coffee powder to it, the smell will be significantly reduced. Take out the frozen vegetable waste, sprinkle coffee powder, pour 1/2 to 1 cup of water on it, and then place fish or pork belly on it and bake. There is almost no smell. After washing the dish with fish, sprinkle coffee powder while still moist, rub the floor lightly, and then rinse to remove the fishy smell.


When grilling meat such as pork belly or charcoal barbecue, sprinkle 'salt + coffee powder' instead of 'salt + pepper' to enhance the taste and aroma of the meat. It can also be used for shoe racks. Gather the socks with the legs stretched out and put the dried bean powder in them. If you put it inside shoes or sneakers to store it, it has the effect of controlling humidity as well as removing foot odor.