How to prevent food poisoning in summer

  Prevention is a top priority for food poisoning in summer. Not long ago, food poisoning occurred at a kindergarten. The cause of the kindergarten food poisoning incident is intestinal hemorrhagic coliforms. E. coli, known to us as hamburger disease, is one of the complications caused by infection and the official name is haemolytic urinary syndrome. 


According to the medical community, HUS can be caught by eating meat uncooked, eating unsterilized milk or contaminated vegetables. When caught, symptoms include swelling of the body or increased blood pressure. Measures such as dialysis and blood transfusion are necessary if misjudgment, vomiting, diarrhea, spasmodic abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. appear, and kidney function is impaired if appropriate treatment and preventive measures are not taken.


Of the 24 people who visited the hospital due to food poisoning at a kindergarten in Ansan, 15 people were suspected of hamburger disease, some of whom are reportedly under dialysis treatment.

- How to Prevent Food Poisoning in Summer

In order to prevent food poisoning, food poisoning, intestinal hemorrhagic coliforms disappear when heated, so it is most important to eat foods that are feared to be infected when fully cooked, especially in summer. Washing hands is especially important to prevent food poisoning. Before and after cooking and after going to the bathroom, wash thoroughly under running water with soap and sanitizer for more than 30 seconds.


 In summer, the temperature is high, so you have to wash your hands for more than 30 seconds after touching raw meat and fish eggs.Just washing your hands can halve the number of infectious diseases.

Personal hygiene and food ingredients are purchased only as much as is needed rather than depending on the refrigerator. Vegetables should be washed thoroughly under running water. Also, wash vegetable fruits using chlorine disinfectant vinegar or baking soda.


Wash meat at 75, and fish and shellfish under running water and heat them sufficiently. In summer, eggs are not eaten raw.

Be careful not to mix raw food and cooking food at once at home. Store them in different containers and use cooking utensils divided into vegetables, meat, fish, etc. Cutting board should be dried in the sun without storing it in a moist place.

To prevent food poisoning in summer, it is as important to make a habit of washing your hands for more than 30 seconds in your daily life as to prevent corona 19. When you go out or cook food, use soap or sanitizer to wash your hands thoroughly for more than 30 seconds. Eat the food cooked enough. Avoid salted seafood in summer. Boil water and drink it.