How to get rid of cockroaches

Anyone who was casually inside the house and was frightened to see a cockroach passing by is likely to have at least one experience. If you found a cockroach. It is highly likely that hundreds of them are already hiding in the house.


Cockroaches have a lifespan of 6 to 12 months, but they are very vital and run or fly fast. I am omnivorous, but I especially like sweet food and sugar classification. Because they are nocturnal, they hide in creepy places such as ceilings, under beds, sinks, and bathroom drains during the day and usually operate at night. 

The reason why cockroaches are formed is mostly because of the filthy environment. In particular, you should pay attention to clean kitchen management because you like a kitchen with food waste and water. If cockroaches are found even though they are kept clean enough, chances are high that they came from the outside. It can also be accessed through a window briefly opened for ventilation, or through a drain pipe connected from outside to the house, or attached to a delivery box. 

The most serious harmful effect of cockroaches is that they transmit diseases to humans. Because of the habit of throwing up what you eat again, food poisoning can be caused when vomit pollutes the food that people eat. In addition, various germs and parasites that are usually buried in cockroaches' legs can cause infectious diseases such as cholera and typhoid in people with weak immune systems. Cockroach feces or body powder can cause atopy and asthma.


Let's find out how to eradicate these white sea-free cockroaches as soon as they are found in the house. First of all, the drain trap is installed so that the drain entrance is closed automatically when water does not flow through the drain used by the cockroach as the main intrusion route. No matter how abundant the food is, cockroaches can only live for 12 days without water, so it is recommended to completely remove the water around the sink after washing the dishes.


Cockroaches don't like the fluoride in toothpaste, so putting toothpaste on the passageway where cockroaches pass helps prevent intrusion. In addition to toothpaste, natural ingredients such as cinnamon powder, ginkgo leaves, and garlic are also effective. Because cockroaches hate the unique scent of each ingredient, spraying it around places where cockroaches appear helps fight cockroaches. It is also good to use roach repellent by mixing boric acid, egg yolk, and mashed potatoes. However, if the same method is used repeatedly several times, it becomes resistant and the effect becomes less and less effective, so it is effective to use alternating methods.