Health care in the changing season Let's increase immunity

 It is also a good time to travel to the mountains in autumn, a season of abundant fruit after hot summer, but when the hot weather suddenly approaches a change of temperature, the body's balance is broken and the immune system decreases. 

 In between seasons, when temperature differences are high, you can catch a cold especially.

-Let's find out how we can stay healthy in between seasons.

 Due to the wide temperature difference between morning and afternoon, we often catch a cold suddenly. As our immune system decreases due to the temperature difference between morning and lunch, humidity decreases and dryness around us, people with asthma contract more than usual. Rhinitis patients may also experience worse rhinitis when cold wind stimulates nasal mucous membranes during the change of seasons.

- How to take care of health in-between seasons

a. Above all, it is important to maintain proper body temperature as it is during periods of high temperature difference.

b. It is good to keep your body warm by taking mufflers or coats when you go out.

c. It is recommended to drink enough water from time to time as dry weather increases the causes of dust and allergies.

Unlike the summer, the humidity decreases and the skin starts to get very dry. Since the risk of developing various skin diseases increases, frequent showers should be avoided and moisturizing creams should be applied appropriately to dry skin.

d. Exercise steadily and get enough sleep.

Health care in-between seasons should be taken with enough sleep and exercise for an average of seven to eight hours a day.

e. Tired of personal hygiene regulations is also recommended.

You should wash your hands thoroughly when you go out and wear a mask when you go out.

f. Flu vaccinations are also needed in advance.

It is most important to develop healthy lifestyles in order to prevent colds, especially during the change of seasons when immunity decreases.