Green Plum Effect;Making plum syrup, a summer soft drink that blows away the heat

 There are already green plums on Garosu-gil in a park near my house, and the seeds are quite thick. Plums, which are in season from May to June, are known to have the most nutrients when collected around the end of June. According to Donguibogam, it has a sour taste, is non-toxic, lowers qi and eliminates heartburn. It has also been documented to be effective in quenching thirst and diarrhea, to rejuvenate muscles and pulse, and to calm the mind.

Although plum has various effects, it has excellent detoxification properties, so it is helpful for digestion if you consume it when you have food poisoning or an upset stomach. In addition, it contains picric acid, which has the effect of relieving fatigue, so it improves liver function and activates bile secretion. Since it contains a lot of water, it is a good drink to quench thirst in summer when you dilute the plum extract in water and drink it on ice. The flesh of plum accounts for about 80%, with 85% water and 10% sugar. It is a low-calorie, low-fat food with a lot of dietary fiber, so it is good for dieting.

The best way to choose a plum is that the skin is clean, there are no insect bites, and the rind is firm. When cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly and remove the faucet. When storing, it can be kept fresh for a longer time by storing it in an environment of 1~5℃ room temperature and 70~80% humidity.

The first thing to do when making plum syrup is to sterilize the bottle in which it will be stored. Put the bottle in boiling water to sterilize it and let it dry completely. Wipe the plums with baking soda, rinse thoroughly with water, remove the stem and dry. Next, add plum and sugar alternately in a sterilized bottle at a 1:1 ratio. Because gas is generated during the aging process, the lid is loosely closed to ripen. It can be consumed after fermenting for about 3 months.

Plums are delicious and nutritious, so they have various effects, but if you drink it as an extract, you need to be careful because you can consume too much sugar. In addition, high acidity can cause excessive secretion of stomach acid, so eating too much is not good for health.