functional collagen;Selection criteria for effective 'Eatable Collagen' products

 Collagen is a fibrous protein found in most animals, particularly mammals, that consists of bones, cartilage, and basal membrane in our body. It is also known that consuming collagen-rich foods can help prevent skin aging, joint weakness and vascular damage because they are involved in the amount of water in the skin. However, since the actual intake and oral administration are broken down and absorbed into amino acids such as glycine and proline through protein degradation, additional vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron needed for collagen synthesis must be taken together to make up for the deficiency.

As you age, collagen gradually decreases, resulting in a lack of collagen in your body, resulting in various health problems. The most common problems are joint disease and poor skin elasticity. Poor collagen synthesis causes sagging and wrinkles on the skin. In addition, muscle reduction, arthritis, and hair loss can be aggravated. Recently, collagen products have drawn attention, and there are cases where regular foods are falsely advertised as products containing functional raw materials, so caution is required.

In June, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety falsely targeted collagen products.It cracked down on hype and uncovered as many as 416 unfair cases. Collagen products can be classified as health functional foods and general foods, and general products that do not use functional materials useful to the human body are advertised as if they have functional properties such as skin elasticity.

When choosing collagen products that are effective, it is desirable to check the criteria and purchase them. The first is to check the product label for the certification mark of health functional foods whether collagen ingredients that have been recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety have been used. Products classified as general foods other than health functional foods include other processed products, candy products, mixed beverages, and fruits.It is marked as vegetable drink, sugar processed goods, etc. Next, if the results of human body application test are checked, it is reliable as a functional product. It may be a product that contains additional necessary nutrients along with collagen.

Instead of collagen fibers, collagen production promoters or decomposition inhibitors are added, mainly functional cosmetics that increase collagen content in the skin when applied with retinol and vitamin C. Recently, studies have been conducted to suppress the secretion of collagen-promoting enzymes to maintain collagen content in the skin.