"Food Flower" boosts mood, boosts immunity.

 Let's boost our immunity with edible flowers that make our eyes and minds happy.

Edible flowers contain many beneficial polyphenols and flavonoid substances in the body, such as prevention of brain diseases and antioxidant activity.

Eating at a time when you need to pay more attention to your health helps boost your immunity and strengthen your stamina.

Flowers are not all edible!

From now on, let's learn about the kinds of edible flowers you can eat.

Begonia has a sour taste that spreads through your mouth, rejuvenates your appetite, and is good with meat dishes or salad.

Pansies are cute in shape and come in various colors. It also has a sweet scent that goes well with decorative or dessert such as cakes, and helps to remove phlegm.

Daisy is good for decoration such as sushi sandwiches and cookies with sweet taste and crunchy texture. It also helps with calming effects and insomnia, and it helps to drink a lot of early cold.

Geumjanhwa is a flower that is widely used and is also used as a salad, pasta, meat, and fish sauce with its distinctive flavor and rich color.

You can also eat a variety of flowers such as roses, daisies, and halon flowers. These flowers shall be purchased for food on a production farm that has been certified to be environmentally friendly. There are about 20 kinds of edible flowers grown and distributed in Korea, which are usually produced and shipped between April and October.

Refrigerating petals in a sealed container to keep them from drying can preserve their unique colors and scents longer. The petals can be kept dry for a long time and enjoyed as petal tea. In order to revive their original color, wash the petals lightly with about 1% light salt water and dry them closely in the cool shade.

Why don't you set up a pretty table with edible flowers that purify your eyes and mind this weekend?