Everyone's Happy Chicken! Never on a diet?

 Chicken! The name makes my mouth water, and I want to eat it right away.

It's terrible not to be able to eat chicken to the point where you think it's stressful to put up with it right in front of you.

But now, with the spring lightening of the clothes, and the flesh that was covered with a thick coat starting to be exposed,

I can't help but think about dieting.

Then, is chicken prohibited when dieting?

Today, I'm going to teach you how to eat chicken wisely.

First, eating at lunch rather than late night snacks. Whatever you eat, late-night snacks are the enemy of diet. It is better not to eat food after 7 p.m. as much as possible. Therefore, it is wise to eat lunch chicken rather than late night chicken.

Eating during the day is not fattening! Rationalizing this saying, one chicken per person is not right. Eating a little less than moderately is the way to diet success.

Second, fried rather than seasoned. These days, I prefer half-fried and half-fried chicken to eating one with the same taste. If you want to eat chicken but want to gain less weight, I recommend you to eat fried chicken rather than seasoned with sugar and grilled chicken rather than fried chicken.

Third, no soda! You can't leave out soda when you eat fast food such as chicken or hamburger. However, soda only cools down for a moment and quickly causes thirst. If you take a zero-calorie drink for comfort because you want to drink soda, you may think that it is helpful for your diet by giving you satiety because it has no calories and contains carbonic acid. Sometimes drinking zero-calorie drinks is fine, but continuous drinking does not help your diet. Also, drinking carbonated water instead of soda is a way.

Fourth, eating with salad. If you eat chicken with salad, you can feel less greasy and less thirsty. If you are lazy to make and eat salad, I think you can eat chicken a little healthy and slim if you order additional salad when you order chicken.

The key is how you diet and how consistently you practice it.

But the stress of holding back what you really want to eat can be an enemy to diet.

Diet can be successful if you find a wise way to eat what you want and practice it steadily.