Enjoy a nap in summer

 After this rainy season, the heat wave begins in earnest. Due to the hot and humid weather, many people have to sleep comfortably at night because of the hot and humid weather, but many people can't sleep well and toss and turn all night due to the tropical night. If you can't sleep at night, you will feel tired during the day, and your living rhythm will be broken, leading to chronic fatigue. How to get a good night's sleep over tropical nights.

■ Characteristics of tropical night sleep

 Many people suffer from insomnia because of the heat. To sleep well, you need to reduce light and lower your body temperature, but it's never easy to fall asleep because of the tropical nights. Also, if you enjoy watermelons, beer, and drinks at night, you wake up from sleeping because you have to pee. It is also a problem to wake up several times because of the heat even if you fall asleep with difficulty.

If you miss the rhythm of a good night's sleep for one or two days, you will lose concentration during the day, and sleepiness can have a significant impact on your daily life or lead to accidents.

■ Temperature appropriate for sleep

 This kind of heat is also a problem, but it is also difficult to sleep deeply even if you are too air-conditioned to ward off the heat. The surest solution is to keep room temperature and humidity at the right level for sleep.
 Moderate sleep temperatures range from 18 to 22 centigrade, but this is only an average of seasonal characteristics. If you try to meet this temperature when there is a tropical night, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor increases so much that it is easy to worsen your condition. Therefore, it is most desirable to keep the temperature at around 24-26 degrees Celsius in summer. It is also worth considering that keeping fans or air conditioners running overnight in an enclosed room can reduce humidity and cause colds.

■ You should use sleeping pills carefully.

 People who suffer from summer insomnia due to their inability to withstand the heat take sleeping pills. Of course, short-term sleeping pills are effective, but they should not be taken habitually. This is because withdrawal symptoms may appear or fall into dependence. Therefore, it is necessary to know that there is a dependence when using sleeping pills, especially since psychological dependence on "taking medicine to sleep" is a factor that causes repeated use of sleeping pills, even if they are used in a short period of time.

■ 10 lifestyle habits that help you sleep soundly

 The best way to beat tropical night insomnia is to improve your lifestyle.

- First, they always wake up at a certain time to be active.

 That way, the biological clock in the brain will move normally. If you oversleep because you have trouble sleeping, or if you go to bed too early to make up for your lack of sleep, you are more likely to fall into a vicious cycle of insomnia.

- Second, I go to bed only when I'm sleepy.

 If you lie in bed and toss and turn when you can't sleep, insomnia is likely to worsen. If you go to bed and you can't fall asleep, it's best to leave the bed, read a book or meditate, wait for sleep, and then go to bed.

- Third, exercise regularly.

Exercising enough to soak in sweat for about 30 minutes a day can easily overcome mild sleep disorders. However, exercise should not be intense depending on your physical strength, and it is better not to do it too late.

- Fourth, avoid excitement and stay comfortable in the evening.

 Meditation and relaxation therapy are more effective than shocking events such as watching horror movies. If you watch TV late because you can't sleep, you should avoid it because visual stimuli are transmitted to the brain and the brain remains awake.

- Fifth, caffeine drinks such as coffee, chocolate, smoking and stimulants should be avoided.

 Many people drink alcohol to get a good night's sleep, which changes sleep's brainwaves, making them unable to sleep well even if they fall asleep.

- Sixth, do not overeat.

 If you feel hungry at night, it is desirable to avoid hunger with warm milk or some fruit.

- Seventh, take a warm shower before going to bed to relieve tension.

- Eighth, avoid taking a nap and do not go to bed except during normal bedtime.

- ninth, eat at a certain time, but especially not overeat at dinner.

- Finally, it is recommended that the bedroom environment be quiet and pleasant to maintain a comfortable state of sleep.

 Minimize noise and light, if possible, and cover your stomach with a thin blanket before going to sleep.