Efficacy of red-flavored strawberries to keep seasonal fruits healthy

 Strawberries, which were easily found in rural areas 10 years ago, are now being grown in house due to climate change and the development of agricultural technology. Nutrition is superior to summer strawberries.

In summer, when the temperature is high, the texture is soft and the organic acid content that gives a sour taste with low sugar content increases. From now on, it is loved as a spring fruit with excellent taste and nutrition.

It is the perfect way to supplement vitamins in the springtime when the body is tired and appetite is reduced during the winter. Strawberries, which are made up of 90% water, contain protein, calcium, iron, vitamins, etc., so it is good for recovery from fatigue and is a popular seasonal fruit.

It is said that about 80mg of vitamin C per 100g is twice that of lemon. If you eat just 6-7 strawberries, you get all the recommended daily amount of vitamins. If you look at the effects of seasonal strawberries that are exhausting health, it is said that it prevents colds and aging, as well as prevents the accumulation of melanin in the skin, making the skin clear and transparent. It is also said to be effective for bleeding gums.

The red color of strawberries contains 'anthocyanin', a component beneficial to health, that relieves eye fatigue and protects eyesight. In particular, it is said that strawberries, a seasonal fruit in spring, are good for students who study late at night, those who frequently get tired eyes from computer work, and those who want to recover from fatigue. Another pigment, lycopene, is also an antioxidant that suppresses free radicals and strengthens immunity and prevents aging.

Lastly, nutritious strawberry is effective in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis and heart disease, and preventing dementia.

Let's learn how to properly eat strawberries, a seasonal fruit . To eat delicious and nutritious strawberries properly, you must wash them without taking off the green mouth. When soaked in water for more than 30 seconds, vitamin C in strawberries is soluble in water, so if you soak them for a long time, vitamin C And the sweetness flows out and you can end up eating plain strawberries with no nutrients.

Among the proper way to eat strawberries, it is better to eat strawberries raw without heating them or grinding them in a mixer. Sprinkling with sugar also interferes with the absorption of B vitamins in the body. If you are unhappy with the sweetness, try dipping it in natural honey. Wild honey does not destroy vitamins and minerals in the form of fructose that our body can absorb.

It is also good to consume strawberries with dairy products such as milk or fresh cream. Citric acid and vitamin C, which are abundant in strawberries, help the absorption of calcium and iron contained in dairy products.

Let's take care of our health with seasonal strawberries rich in vitamin C for those who are tired in spring.