Efficacy of Perilla

If you want smooth, glossy skin and hair, keep your perilla seeds close. "The old man with white hair kept eating perilla seeds and turned black." It is an old saying that conveys the amazing effect of perilla seeds. The perilla seeds also cleared the head, which was loved by scholars in the old days. Let's borrow the wisdom of the good and use perilla seed seasoning and oil in various dishes like licorice.

Perilla seeds have been grown in Korea, China, Japan, and Egypt, and oil has been mainly used as kerosene. Leaves of perilla seeds are often used as pickles or wraps. Among the 100 grams, vitamin A 2000 IU, B1 0.4μg, B2 0.4μg, Niacin 0.5μg, and Vitamin C 85μg are very nutritious.

It also has a unique flavor, so it is a natural seasoning that can be excluded from the seasoning of foods like bosintang. It contains a lot of vitamins evenly, which gives energy when you lose strength, and also boosts your lost appetite.

According to Donguibogam, perilla seeds have a warm, non-poisonous and sour taste. It also makes the liver rich, and the seeds make our body smooth and beautiful when we eat porridge. The "pharmacopoeia" says that it protects the essence (bone marrow), eliminates thirst and seawater, removes toxins from the body, and cleans the blood.

Perilla seeds are rich in various vitamins and linolic acids, which are perfect for skin care in spring, which is prone to roughness due to hot sunlight or yellow dust. You can eat oil with perilla seeds or rub it on your skin, wash the perilla seeds clean, dry them well in the shade, and store them in a well-ventilated bowl and chew them little by little.

Linolic acid is very effective in preventing adult diseases such as arteriosclerosis because it has the effect of preventing cholesterol from accumulating in blood vessels as well as skin beauty. In other words, people who enjoy meat can protect their health as well as taste by adding vegetable oils such as perilla oil. It also helps brain development and memory improvement, according to a joint study by Professor Lee Young-geun of Kyungpook National University and a Hungarian research team, feeding rat with perilla oil has greatly increased the fat substance called plasmalogen, which promotes nerve transmission in the brain. Increasing this substance is known to improve memory and quickly recognize objects.

Management is most important when using perilla seeds. Perilla oil is easily oxidized, so it is good to eat it right after squeezing the oil, and it is beneficial to stir-fry it as much as you can eat at any time because the perilla seed powder is ground in advance.