Efficacy of green tea medicinal tea

 Green tea, black tea, oolong tea, jiseol tea, malcha, ngido, etc. have different names, but anything is made from the leaves of tea trees. Green tea refers to young tea leaves that have been picked and steamed or slightly roasted in a pot since April 20th. Unlike oolong tea and black tea, tea leaves are not fermented, so there is no change in ingredients and vitamin C content is much higher. Among the 24 solar terms, Myeongjeon and Ujeon, which are picked before Cheongmyeong and Gokwoo, are considered the best products, and the best ones are picked when the dew is less dry at dawn on a clear day.


Since ancient times, green tea has been enjoyed as a healthy medicinal tea rather than just a drink. The first time I started drinking tea around 3400 B.C. was when the effect of tea was introduced. The legendary emperor of China, Xin Nong, went around the mountain stream to test herbs by chewing on 100 different grasses and leaves. Once, he was in pain from eating poisonous plants, but was decoded after eating the leaves he stumbled upon. That was the tea tree leaf. Donguibogam also emphasizes the effectiveness of tea. In "Tang-lik-pyun," tea is used to relieve long-standing indigestion and clear your head. It makes you pee comfortably, stops urinating, makes you sleep less, and releases poison.' In "External Appearance," he said, "If you drink tea continuously for a long time, it is good for obese people by removing fat." Currently, these medicinal effects are proven to be clear through scientific analysis. According to a study by China's Institute of Preventive Medicine, all tea leaves, including green tea and black tea, have anti-cancer effects that inhibit the synthesis of N-nitroso compounds, compared to 43 percent, while green tea showed a whopping 85 percent inhibition rate.


However, even the best green tea can cause gastrointestinal problems if you drink too much or eat too much, so a drink after a meal is just right. If you suffer from insomnia, you'd better refrain from it. Green tea also detoxifies hangover, but does not drink when sober. If you drink tea while drunk, you can go into your kidney like alcohol and damage your kidneys and bladder.