Efficacy of corn, a national snack good for diet

Corn came to Korea around the 16th and 17th centuries. Corn, which grew well in the hot sun, has long been a scene of dramas or movies when I was young, smoking mosquitoes at my mother's house on summer nights and eating ripe corn while talking on the table.

Corn, one of the world's top three food crops along with wheat and rice, is mainly grown in mountainous areas of Gangwon Province. Corn is available until late summer, when harvesting begins in late May and runs through September.

The corn grown in Korea is said to be mostly distributed in glutinous corn, which we know a lot, and nowadays popular varieties of chodang corn, sweet corn, and fried corn.

When the corn beard is stretched long and touched, the hard one is the ripe corn. Children also eat steamed snacks, especially corn per second, which is more yellow in color and more sugar than regular corn, as they can be eaten right away without boiling or steaming, or simply heated up in a microwave for two to three minutes, many people are looking for it these days.

- Nutrition and efficacy of corn, which is also good for diet.

 Corn is made up of about 64 percent water and contains carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals and vitamins. Corn's seed eyes are rich in linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid, which lowers cholesterol and helps prevent arteriosclerosis. Studies have also shown that macycin-based substances in corn beards are effective in improving and preventing vascular diseases by reducing blood cholesterol and inhibiting gene expression of enzymes that synthesize cholesterol in the liver.

It is rich in various nutrients but lacks relatively essential amino acids. If consumed with soybeans rich in lysine, milk rich in tryptophan, meat, and eggs, along with corn, supplements nutrition.

- How to eat corn without loss of nutrition.

 Corn has a fast nutritional loss, so it is better to peel and trim it just before eating it. Also, since nutrients are concentrated in the embryo, it is possible to reduce nutritional loss by removing each kernel by hand when eating corn. Chaloksu tastes better steamed than boiled. If you steam it with two or three sheets left, instead of peeling off the inner skin, it adds a unique flavor of corn and maintains moisture so that you can feel the moist and chewy taste.

- How to store corn throughout the year

 The harvested corn is not eaten immediately, but sugar turns into starch over time and loses its sweetness. In this case, it is better to keep it frozen. After steaming the corn once, divide it into packs and store it in the freezer right away before it hardens. Frozen corn is delicious and easy to enjoy throughout the year if you steam it back in a steamer.

- Let's try various corn snacks.

 It tastes the best because it has a lot of sugar right after harvesting. There are many ways to enjoy corn besides steaming it right away. Rice cooked with steamed corn grains. Corn soup that can be eaten as a breakfast substitute, dipping various vegetables into the salad rest area, butter-covered with melted butter on corn, and the effect of the long-lasting sight of corn baked on top of cheese is a popular snack.