Effect of walking exercise... Helps with stress

 A gift to mankind is to be able to walk upright. Walking is one of the exercises you can do anywhere, regardless of location.

 If you can walk without cowering because it is cold, it is said that it is effective for your health to practice walking steadily. Although the weather is getting colder, it is said that the coldness of the body disappears and the blood is purified cleanly.

- Effects of walking exercise

a. Ease mental health by activating brain function

People with depression are often reluctant to work because of depression. The more you move, the less depression you feel by stabilizing your body and energizing your body with serotonin and endorphins that relieve pain. The smooth supply of oxygen to the brain improves blood flow, which is also good for mental health. Let's walk steadily for more than 30 minutes every day without cowering in the cold.

b. Prevention of diabetes

If you walk steadily every day, fat is used as an energy source and is also good for obesity. Especially, it can prevent type 2 diabetes by maintaining proper weight and insulin and glucose control functions. It is said that hormone (GLP-1) secretion, which suppresses appetite and stimulates insulin production in people who have walked steadily for more than 30 minutes a day for overweight adults, has increased.

c. Helps with joints

Because you use the limbs when you walk, your joints gain strength and strengthen your lower body muscles. Daily steady walking helps prevent and relieve osteoarthritis.

d. Prevention of dementia

There are no drugs that can cure dementia yet, but it is important to prevent it by walking steadily every day. It is said that people who walk for more than 30 minutes a day are more likely to develop dementia than those who do not.

e. Improve lung function

Even for those who are short of breath and have poor lung health, continuous 30 minutes of walking a day helps improve lung function. The daily habit of walking is said to help prevent high blood pressure as well as lung function. Diet Effect Losing weight tends to make you want to strain your joints too much from the beginning. If you start walking for more than 30 minutes a day, not only will you strengthen your lower body, but also reduce depression, which will help your body gain vitality and relieve mental stress. Rather than start in a hurry, let's start with a steady 30 minute walk every day and gradually increase the walking time. After 3 months, I can feel the change of my body without knowing.