effect of tears

 There must have been times when you tried to cry when you were sad or tired, and you did not want to show your weakness, so you must have held it in. However, crying is nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, it is because tears have many more positive effects.

There must have been times when you felt like the stress was relieved after crying a lot when you were under a lot of stress. This actually means that after crying, your body will regain stability and your anxiety level will be lowered. Also, the more tears you shed, the lower your blood pressure and heart rate, and the more stable you feel.


In addition, tears are effective in flushing out toxins. Toxins are also released when sweat or tears are released from the body, and in particular, when you shed tears, chemicals that cause stress are also released.


In addition, when you shed a lot of tears, the tears go into your nose, and the runny nose that is diluted at this time also plays a role in removing foreign substances.


If you move your eyes all day in an unclean environment, you are likely to be exposed to a lot of dust and foreign matter. Even at this time, if you shed tears, you can clean the eyeballs and act as a lubricant.


How should we cry in order to see the effects of tears with such diverse effects?


The effect of tears


To see the effect of tears properly, first, cry freely in front of someone who understands you. In front of people you depend on, such as family, lover, friends, etc., you get sympathy and cry in front of people who accept your story. When there is a person who supports you mentally, the tear effect is high.


Also, after crying hard, always think positively at the end. Even if the beginning shed tears with sadness and melancholy, the ending should end with positive emotions such as understanding, love, and hope. You need to shed healthy tears to regain a sense of stability.


Lastly, when you cry, make sure to cry out loud. Like laughter, it is better to cry loudly and violently and pour out all the emotions in your heart. If you cry, hug, and even touch a good person, your stress will be relieved and you will find it easier to find a sense of stability.