Effect of Goddess Fruit 'Passion Fruit'

 The tropical fruit known as 'Fashion Fruits' is 'Centaceae' in Korean. This means "a fruit with a hundred scents," and it shows the characteristics of a fashion fruit that boasts a rich taste and aroma.


"The Nutrients and Effectiveness of Fashion Fruits"

- Beta-carotene

Cedars are rich in beta-carotene, which is good for your eyes. Beta-carotene is absorbed into the body and turns into vitamin A, which is effective in relieving eye fatigue, helping to nourish the eyes, and preventing eye-related diseases such as dry eye syndrome.


- Minerals

Minerals are nutrients that must be present in the body's physiological activities, and the amount of minerals that the body needs is small, but even small amounts play various roles.

Taking fashion fruits can help prevent osteoporosis, release sodium, anemia, and relieve headaches. It is also rich in folic acid, which is involved in the growth of the fetus, so it is one of the best fruits for pregnant women to eat.


- Vitamin C

Fashion fruits contain about three times as much vitamin C as pomegranates. Vitamin C has a great antioxidant effect, which is effective in suppressing and purifying skin aging. 

It is also a good fruit to eat at this time of year to help boost immunity.

It is also rich in dietary fiber, which helps improve constipation and prevent bowel movements.


"Fashion fruits tips!"」

- How to choose

When choosing a fashion fruit, you have to choose something that is dark and hard and heavy when touched it. If you want to eat it right after you buy it, it is good to buy something with wrinkles on the surface, but this fashion fruit is hot-boiled, so you can eat it right away. Otherwise, you can enjoy it sweeter and more deliciously if you cook in a cool place where the wind blows for two to three days after you buy it.


- How to use it in cooking

Marinated in fashion fruits when cooking meat or fish, it can catch the smell, soften the meat, and add flavor.


"Side Effects of Fashion Fruits"

There are no side effects, but if you are currently taking depression drugs and sedatives due to the sedation of fashion fruits, you should not take them.