Dry eye syndrome is aging the eyes of modern people.

 Due to the development of smartphones, many people use tablet PCs and smartphones for a long time, so they feel tiredness in their eyes or foreign substances. It is a disease that can occur to them.More easily, tears such as lubricants in the eyes do not dry or flow, easily damaging the eye (eyeball) surface.

Modern people are not only exposed to air pollution but also live in a humid or dry environment due to well-heated buildings and airtight offices, but these days, they use smartphones for a long time and focus on protecting their eyes.

In the beginning, it only feels a little dry, but it also makes you feel poor eyesight, which is described as gloomy as if the coating of foreign substances and glasses has been peeled off. Dryness can cause symptoms of stinging eyes, stiffness, foreign substances, coldness, glare and fatigue.

When we watch TV at home or watch smartphones for a long time, our eyes are constantly exposed to media devices. In summer, cold air conditioners, dry environments created by heaters in winter, and various modern stress and impact imbalances can also cause anxiety mania, so it is necessary to prevent and alleviate normal living habits.

First of all, when you use a smartphone or a computer PC, you should take a break from time to time instead of using it for a long time. It is also good for relieving fatigue by rubbing your palms to keep your eyes warm while refraining from using your smartphone in a shaky car.

It gives the snow time to rest. Your eyes need to rest as if you're tired and taking a rest. It's good to look far away whenever you have time.

Check the surrounding environment.

The height of a computer monitor should be tilted slightly below the eye level. Ventilate the room frequently and increase humidity in dry places with wet towels or flowerpots.

If dryness is severe, it is also important to visit a nearby hospital and treat an expert.  Using artificial tears is also helpful for dry eyes. Some capsules are used for one-time use within 24 hours, so if you have dry eye syndrome, you can use artificial tears. 

One of the ways to prevent dry eye syndrome, which ages eyes, is to reduce the use of smartphones as much as possible and above all, reduce the habit of using them for a long time.