Do healthy things to be healthy

But you have to do something healthy to be healthy. It is absurd to want everyone to be healthy while doing unhealthy things, rather than a thief's mind.

There are so many people in the world. Even if it is not a holiday, there are countless people when you go to amusement parks or famous places. At the same time, the hospital is full of people seeking medical treatment. When you go to the mountain, it is full of hikers and when you go to the stadium, it is full of sportsmen. However, if the city is empty, it is not. The streets of the city are still crowded with cars.

On Sundays, churches and cathedrals are full of worshipers. It holds a significant number. Nevertheless, there are still many people in various tourist attractions. Even though the population decline is a big problem, there are still many people.

If there is a common wish for so many people, it is to live a healthy. Even a centenarian who has money but is useless wants only health. So there is a common saying. "Losing property is losing a little, losing a lot of honor, losing health is losing everything.’

Health does not come of itself. It's not something you get in a day or two. You have to keep trying but take care of various things.

I am a person who is proud to be healthy. Blood pressure, diabetes, liver, kidney, pancreas...…. Nothing hurts. I don't catch a cold all year round. He eats well with or without side dishes. I say I'm born with a healthy constitution.

But I do a lot of healthy things in my own way. First of all, I get up early in the morning. It's a three-year-old habit that my father gave me. I wake up around 4 a.m., wash my face, walk about 10 ri, and go to church to pray at dawn. And on the way back, I go up and down Wansan Chilbong Peak. In the apartment, I walk up without taking the elevator. However, when you come down, you come down by elevator. Because walking down the stairs is said to shock your knees. Instead, lift your heel. Stand upright and lift your heel. It's like getting off. My legs are quite tight. It is to be an exercise. And I do gymnastics with bare hands in the morning and evening. Do it in the room and in the vacant lot. While working at the school, he accurately performs the national gymnastics that he learned as a sports manager from beginning to end. It takes four and a half minutes.

There's something else to eat. I roast garlic for breakfast and dinner every day. If you microwave garlic for a minute, it will cook sweetly. However, wrap it with plastic and put it in because it can stand out. I had diarrhea when I overeat or eat something cold because I had a bad stomach. So I solved it through plum extract. In any bowl, pour the plum extract about 10 percent or 20 percent. Then fill the rest with bottled water or barley tea. And I drink from time to time at any time.

Another key to health is niche exercise. When you have a moment, you tease your body. I do something, whether I do gymnastics or stretching with bare hands. When you sit in a chair and listen to a lecture for a long time, stretch your legs and apply and relax. Or, put strength on the soles of your feet and pull them out in the sitting position. At least I breathe in my Danjeon. I don't stand or sit absentmindedly because I have nothing to do. So I'm always busy. There's always something to do.

There were times when my shoulders were stiff. It's time for the fifties to come. It was solved before bed and when I woke up with shoulder exercises. You lie down, close your legs, raise your hips, and shake your shoulders from side to side. I did it about 100 times at a time twice a day, so my shoulder pain disappeared.

Others say that I was born with a healthy constitution while doing nothing. But I do quite a healthy thing in my own way. I think that's the secret to my health. Someone who wants to be healthy. Do something healthy.