Dizzy and deaf 'Ménière's disease';Life management is important

 Meniere's disease was named after a French doctor who first described it in 1861, which causes dizziness due to poor absorption of lymphatic fluid in the inner ear, causing abnormalities in the pre-psychotic system that controls the hearing nerves and equilibrium of the inner ear.

  The symptoms are like hearing.It repeatedly gets better and worse like a phenomenon, and Hyun-hoon's sense of rotation continues, causing bad feelings and vomiting, which can lead to loss of equilibrium sensory impairment or hearing.

  Therefore, if you are suffering from dizziness, do not overlook it and make sure you visit the hospital for accurate diagnosis and treatment. 


- Accurate treatment is required depending on the cause

  The cause of Meniere's disease is not yet known, but alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, and insomnia are considered to be the cause of mental and physical stress and overwork. Therefore, treatment also identifies individual symptoms and conditions, different diagnosis and prescription, even if the same symptoms are complained.

  In addition, at least 80% of natural healing is possible if found initially, but other treatment treatments should be implemented for the rest.

  The purpose of treatment is to alleviate symptoms and reduce the frequency of seizures, and since the concentration of sugar and salt increases, the amount of lymphatic fluid increases, low-salt-oriented meals and stress should be reduced and properly rested.

  Low-salt diets and diuretic prescriptions may help, but they are not always effective. Drugs used for dizziness acute seizures may have side effects of dullness and instability when taken for a long time, so long-term use does not help with fundamental treatment.

  Dizziness caused by Meniere is especially important in order to prevent recurrence. As stress and unhealthy lifestyle are likely to express symptoms, lifestyle needs to be corrected.

  Also, because nerve cells in the ear are particularly vulnerable to toxins, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine must be banned, and foods that are high in salt, such as fried food, squid and sundae, or fish cake soup and salty stew, should be avoided.